New doc: Options for RDF Expression of Credibility Data

I made a ton of changes, trying to take everyone's comments into 
account. I gave it a different title and URL, so as not to step all over 
the comments on yesterday's draft.

New version is Options for RDF Expression of Credibility Data 

I'm afraid the document may look a bit hostile toward shape 3 (named 
graphs), because several people have now said they prefer that approach, 
so I needed to get into some of the not-so-obvious downsides. I'm pretty 
sure I don't actually have a bias here, and I'm personally quite open to 
be convinced by issues I haven't considered. The actual code changes in 
switching between shapes 1, 2, and 4 are trivial; shape 3 requires some 
issues be solved first, as now discussed in the draft.

I also added JSON-LD versions, to go along with SPARQL and images.

      -- Sandro

Received on Saturday, 8 February 2020 04:41:50 UTC