Credweb - Data Access Task Force

It looks like 11am Thursdays is a good time for just about everyone who 
replied with interest on the technical/data issues.

Let's try meeting this week, although I know it's only 24 hours notice.  
(06 February 2020 11am ET 
<> Given the short notice, we wont consider 
any decisions binding yet.

The agenda 
has one item, which maybe we can settle quickly, or maybe not.

Feel free to reply in email or the agenda document with answers to the 
agenda question:

> How to express this in RDF (from Signal: Date Website First Archived 
> <>):
>  *
>     The website with its main page at URL been
>     operational as the same kind of site since at least date
>     2015-09-02 as shown in the archive page at URL

If that turns out to be easy, we can go on to more complicated signals.

(In terms of writing down things in RDF, I'd suggest starting with 
Turtle (Trig if quads), and then maybe looking at as JSON-LD as well.)

     -- Sandro

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