October meetings

*New plan*: let's have some general meetings, with speakers, about 
projects involving sharing credibility data streams. After a few of 
these, depending on group interest, we may shift focus to deliverables.

Meetings will be *Tuesdays, 1pm ET*, starting 8 October. Formal portion 
will run for an hour, and informal discussion may run longer among 
people who stay after the hour. We'll use https://zoom.us/j/706868147 as 
before, and optionally http://irc.w3.org channel #credweb.

Current schedule: 8 October: NewsQA <https://newsqa.org/> -- News 
Quality Aggregator 15 October: JTI <https://jti-rsf.org/> -- Journalism 
Trust Initiative 22 October: AM!TT 
-- a misinfosec attack response framework 29 October: TBD This 
information, with a few more details are on the group's *calendar 
I'll update the website shortly. Feel free to *invite people* you think 
might be interested to join to call, even if they haven't yet joined the 
group. Hoping to see many of you there (on zoom), -- Sandro

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