Reminder: Meeting about JTI Tuesday (today/tomorrow)

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       -- Sandro

[This] week we’ll be hearing from the Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI) 
<>. My understand of JTI:

  * The project is led by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), which has a
    strong reputation in fighting news censorship and bias
  * Using an open standards process (under CEN
    <>), they’ve gathered a
    community and together written down a general consensus of how news
    organizations ought to behave. The idea is that if you follow these
    practices, you’re far more likely to be trustworthy. If you can show
    the world you’re following them, especially via some kind of
    certification, you probably ought to be trusted more by individuals
    and by systems.
  * There’s a survey (start here
    <>) with about
    200 questions covering all these rules and practices. Some of the
    questions are about whether you do a thing journalists are supposed
    to do, and others are asking you to disclose information that
    journalists ought to make public.
  * There are still wide open questions about how the data from those
    200 questions might be published, distributed, and certified.
  * The deadline for comments is 18 October
    <> so now is
    the time! Issues around data transfer can (and will have to be)
    settled later.


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