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A quick update on where things are with Credibility at W3C. If you’re interested, please join the group (if you haven't) then answer this survey on how you’d like to be involved. Newcomers are welcome, not just folks who were involved last year, and please help spread the word.

Things in the works for 2019:

Evolve Credibility Signals into more of an open directory/database of credibility signal definitions, with filtering and data about adoption and research for each signal, when available.Document best practices for exchanging credibility data. Primarily technical (json-ld, csv), but also legal and commercial aspects.Revise our draft report on credibility tech, maybe splitting it up into chunks people are more likely to read, and with different section editors.Have some general meetings, with presentations, to discuss various credibility-tech topics. This might include some of the signal provider companies or credibility tool projects.Document how credibility issues fit into larger Online Safety issues. I’d like a more specific and concrete handle on “First, Do No Harm”.Prototype a browser API which would support a market of credibility assessment modules, working together to protect the user in the browser. (See mockup.)

If you're up for working on any of these topics, please fill in the survey. We’ll use that to help with meeting scheduling and general planning.

And of course, if you think the group should work on something not listed above, please reply on or off-list.



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