FYI Observers

At TPAC when you're there at a time your group isn't meeting, it's 
common to request to sit in on another group's meeting and learn 
something.  We have requests from 13 people to do that with our meetings 
this coming week.  In many cases, they may have requested to observe 
many different meetings, and might not not show up or might not stay for 
long if they do.

FYI, here's the email I just sent them:

> You requested to be an observer at the Credible Web CG meeting.  We're 
> happy to have you join us, if there's space in the room.  I'm told the 
> Tuesday room fits 10 and we have 8 CG members signed up, but my guess 
> is there will be extra space around the outside.  I'll try to scout 
> out the room Monday and report back.  Our Friday room is larger, and 
> fewer CG members will be able to make it, so I'm confident there will 
> be room.
> Note that both days we're planning to end at 3pm. Otherwise, our 
> agenda is still fluid as far as which topics go in which time slots.  
> Both are listed at
> At a high level, our two main topics are our drafts:
> * Technological Approaches to Improving Credibility Assessment on the 
> Web <>
> * Credibility Signals <> (which is a 
> rewrite of Content Credibility Indicators Vocabulary) 
> <>
> The first is perhaps 90% done and the second is perhaps 10% done. 
> You'll certainly get more out of the meeting, and be able to 
> contribute more, if you read them both first.
> Also, feel free to formally join the CG, so you get our email, and 
> have edit permission to add yourself to 

      -- Sandro

Received on Sunday, 21 October 2018 19:21:51 UTC