CredWeb news and plan for next week

Some important announcements and requests:

1. There is a new draft, Credibility Signals 
<> which is intended to replace Content 
Credibility Signals Vocabulary (CCIV) <> 
although most details about individual signals has not been transferred 
over quite yet.

2. It's world-writable (like wikipedia), and structured so that anybody 
can helpfully contribute, if they have ideas about what information 
might be useful in assessing credibility.  Section 1 (Introduction) 
explains all this.  This includes you, of course.

4. I expect large portions of face-to-face 3 <> 
(Lyon, next Tuesday and Friday) and probably some of MisinfoCon London 
(next Wednesday) to be spent in small-group editing to fill out this 
document.   The agenda reflects this.  See f2f3 <>

4. We have some flexibility about scheduling individual topics, so if a 
certain schedule would be useful to you, please put that information on 
the F2F3 People page 
<> (or reply to 
this email).  Note that many TPAC folks signed up for the meeting but 
haven't yet put their names on that page.

5. It's likely folks in London will be gathering and we'll video-bridge 
the two rooms for at least part of Tuesday.  Details soon.


       -- Sandro

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