TPAC Plan : F2F October / France

After next week's meeting in San Francisco, the following face-to-face 
meeting will be at W3C's annual gathering, which this year is in Lyon, 
France.   As a Community Group (not a Working Group) we have lower 
priority in getting rooms, but we've now got 2 days of a room settled -- 
they're just not adjacent days.

* Tuesday, 23 October
* Friday, 26 October

The Wednesday of that week is the Plenary day, which I strongly 
encourage everyone to attend, and Thursday there are lots of groups 
meeting which might be interesting to observe or join.  Or, I hear 
France is a nice place in October.

After we see how the structure of the San Francisco meeting goes, we'll 
start to look at how to structure those two days around who can 
participate at which times.  (Tuesday also overlaps the Advisory 
Committee meeting, after 3pm, for people who are AC Reps.)  I expect 
we'll also be supporting remote participation, as usual.

You can go ahead and Register for TPAC if you like:  (This is only for in-person 
attendance.  I'll set up a form to gather info on remote participation 

There is a fee to cover the cost of meals and the venue, about *$130/day 
until 31 July*, then rising to $190/day.

     -- Sandro

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