OWF event on Oct 9th

 I mentioned this in the last call. We now have an eventbrite up for you to
register - you can attend virtually or in person.
Open Wallet Foundation Developer Face-to-Face
October 9th  9-12 in Mountain View.


The OpenWallet Foundation <https://openwallet.foundation/> (OWF) is a
consortium of companies and non-profit organisations collaborating to drive
global adoption of open, secure and interoperable digital wallet solutions.
It aims to set best practices for digital wallet technology through
collaboration on standards-based open source software components that
issuers, wallet providers and relying parties can use to bootstrap
implementations that preserve user choice, security and privacy.

With the recent joining of Google
 and Microsof
(as corporate members) as well as major code contributions from Google,
Ping, esatus/neosfer, Farmworker Wallet OS, and MOSIP, it is time for the
code project maintainers to meet each other and potential new maintainers
and contributors to learn about each other’s piece of the puzzle and
discuss how to collectively develop the building blocks for a truly open
wallet ecosystem. By taking advantage of the great timing of the Internet
Identity Workshop (IIW), we will be able to gather an amazing group of
maintainers and developers and have productive conversations regarding how
to collaborate meaningfully on further code development.

Participants: Open to all, but particularly

   1. Representatives from existing code project maintainers
   2. Developers/Community members who are interested in becoming project
   maintainers or contributors
   3. OWF staff and community leaders


   - Mountain View, California (exact location to be announced soon)
   - Virtual (dial-in details to be shared on the first week of October)

Facilitators: Kaliya IdentityWoman Young and Lucy Yang (OWF consultants
from Identity Woman in Business)

Intended Outcomes:

   1. Participants develop a shared understanding of existing OWF code
   projects, missing wallet capabilities that require further development by
   existing maintainers or new code contributions, and critical technical and
   market challenges that need to be addressed collectively
   2. Existing project maintainers identify potential areas of
   collaboration among each other
   3. Potential project maintainers and contributors identify where their
   code or expertise may fit in
   4. Participants who are going to attend IIW identify topics to be
   discussed further at IIW

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