Re: Sustainable Verifiable Credentials

I like this idea. The environmental impact from blockchain technology was
also a concern raised by Google and Mozilla in the DID spec objection.
Would including the did method as an additional/separate parameter be

The aries community is working on a load-generator project which could be
used to apply volumes of issuance/verification in order to record metrics
under high usage. Are you aware of similar projects in other ecosystems?

An environmental cost score would be great to include in credential

On Thu, Sep 7, 2023 at 10:21 PM Orie Steele <>

> I was reading
> Perhaps the credentials community group would be interested in measuring
> the emissions / CPU costs associated with issuing and verify various
> competing credential formats, such as data integrity proofs, mDoc and
> sd-jwt?
> The VCWG could recommend against wasteful cryptographic operations or
> dependencies that consume more CPU than is needed to sign or verify.
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> OS

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