Generative AI and DIDs

Hi everyone,

One of my portfolio companies building something called /BrainstormBotâ„¢/ 
– which applies ChatGPT and other AI to accelerate the process of group 
ideation. We're using /Slack/ as the substrate for it initially, because 
we're aiming at the corporate/enterprise market. We'll port to /Teams/ 
and /Discord/ later this year. You can watch a 1 minute concept 
appetizer at: **

Anyway, here's why I'm writing to y'all: */I had this thought that it 
might be cool to ingest a bunch of DID content and create a special 
"DIDbot" that would help explain DIDs in a conversational way./*

Would any of you be interested in partnering up to make this happen? 
Mainly we need content to do machine learning, and permission to host it 
somewhere where real people would interact with it. And frankly, I would 
need some help because I'm really busy with the launch for the product.

Let me know!


PS, we're doing a closed beta for it.  If you're game, please apply for 
a beta invitation by filling out this form: 

*Moses Ma | Managing Partner* |
v+1.415.568.1068 |
Learn more at and
For calendar invites, please cc: - please don't email 
me there!

Received on Monday, 4 September 2023 20:30:10 UTC