RE: How much is it reasonable to generalize from the TruAge implementation?

>Aren't you precluding guardianship with this requirement?

We are not discussing “requirements” but perspectives. My point has always been that there has not been enough effort and energy put into this area to come up with thoughtful and nuanced requirements, and in that absence, folks are taking wholesale short-cuts.

To directly answer your question, at least from the perspective of the credentials that I am working with, the answer is a hard No for a simple reason. The credentials that we are planning to issue digitally will never be digital only for reasons related to inclusion, equity, end-user discomfort with technologies used, and many other very legitimate reasons for continuing to ACTIVELY support paper based credentials. We will always have both a physical and digital versions of our credentials available with equal access to benefits using either modality.

Our physical credentials, which have been in circulation and active use for decades, already enable guardianship/delegation “features” as appropriate to them that are fully supported by policy, law and practice; that is never going to change. The folks who receive our credentials will ALWAYS have the guardianship/delegation capabilities as appropriate to those credentials!

When it comes to technically complex features such as delegation/guardianship for digital credentials, we will not have those features on Day 1 precisely because they add complexity and do not have the foundation of experience we can draw upon to implement properly while we are still in the learning/implementation phases of the 3 Party Identity Model.

This is a place that we, as a public institution that needs to serve everyone and not just the folks who can afford the latest and the greatest tech or want to be on the bleeding edge, will have someone else bleed on the edge first in implementing these features, so that we can learn from that experience, and carefully and with deliberation introduce that into our future implementation roadmap once there is enough of a body of work to support operational deployment at scale.

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