Re: Selective Disclosure for W3C Data Integrity

On Tue, May 30, 2023 at 8:09 AM John, Anil <> wrote:
> It is good to see this gap filled and I appreciate that there will now exist implementation approaches both for the near term and with a road map for the future, whichever credential proof formats one chooses to use to protect your credential.

Yes, what we're going for here is to ensure that whatever formats one
chooses (Data Integrity or JOSE), that there exist selective
disclosure solutions for both NIST-compliant cryptography and for
future-facing unlinkable cryptography (BBS), even if it will be a
while before NIST officially recognizes BBS.

> Looking forward to learning more of the details.

Dave Longley is planning to share some of the thinking that went into
the Data Integrity Selective Disclosure design and implementation at
some point this week, so I expect that will help folks understand the
benefits and drawbacks of the approach.

We are also planning to do a compare/contrast between all of the
selective disclosure solutions, as they have different designs that
lead to different trade-offs, but want to make sure that comparison is
fair and so are going to take a bit more time to make sure we've done
our due diligence before releasing that analysis. It might be a good
thing to work on at upcoming IIW or RWoT venues as I know there are a
number of people that are curious about the differences and
similarities between these mechanisms.

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