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Re: Introducing the Bitcoin Ordinals DID Method

From: Markus Sabadello <markus@danubetech.com>
Date: Mon, 8 May 2023 06:20:46 +0200
Message-ID: <ec4d5f6f-9e45-c0df-6cf9-3d081438f27d@danubetech.com>
To: Brian Richter <brian@aviary.tech>
Cc: public-credentials@w3.org
This is on the agenda today for the DIF ID Working Group call:


On 5/3/23 20:42, Brian Richter wrote:
> Thank you Markus, your feedback means a lot.
> I actually created the first did:btco last night. It only has a single 
> verification method and no service endpoint. As soon as it was mined, 
> it could quickly be found on any of the Ordinals explorers that have 
> popped up in the short few months that they have been around.
> https://ordinals.com/inscription/432d87fab6285271c400fc375616f66dd13ee128a2e7811f5a72cd25c6966cddi0
> https://bioniq.io/inscription/432d87fab6285271c400fc375616f66dd13ee128a2e7811f5a72cd25c6966cddi0
> https://ordinalswallet.com/inscription/432d87fab6285271c400fc375616f66dd13ee128a2e7811f5a72cd25c6966cddi0
> https://magiceden.io/ordinals/item-details/432d87fab6285271c400fc375616f66dd13ee128a2e7811f5a72cd25c6966cddi0
> https://www.ordinalhub.com/inscription/432d87fab6285271c400fc375616f66dd13ee128a2e7811f5a72cd25c6966cddi0
> https://ordinals.hiro.so/inscription/432d87fab6285271c400fc375616f66dd13ee128a2e7811f5a72cd25c6966cddi0
> https://ordynals.com/inscription/432d87fab6285271c400fc375616f66dd13ee128a2e7811f5a72cd25c6966cddi0
> https://ordiscan.com/inscription/3321042i0
> I inscribed this using the long form version as I am still working out 
> the specifics of the short form so it isn't the most cost effective. 
> In a relatively high fee environment (I paid 25 sat/vB) it cost 
> me 10425 satoshis in fees which is roughly $3. For my next test I will 
> include a service endpoint and use whatever is decided for the short 
> form. It's important to note an Update operation will cost roughly the 
> same.
> I'd love to present the method to the DIF ID working group to discuss 
> the technical implementation if you'll have me.
> Thanks,
> Brian
> On Wed, May 3, 2023 at 9:40 AM Markus Sabadello 
> <markus@danubetech.com> wrote:
>     Brian,
>     I really like this. I remember the did:btcr method, which was one
>     of the
>     first DID methods ever, and I always thought a method based only on
>     Bitcoin could be very useful for certain use cases where you don't
>     need
>     a lot of DIDs.
>     Yes, this approach is neither cheap nor scalable, but it's
>     probably much
>     more reliable than many other DID methods.
>     did:btcr used TxRefs and OP_RETURN operations, whereas if I
>     understand
>     correctly did:btco uses ordinals and inscriptions.
>     I don't really know anything about ordinals and inscriptions. :)
>     How many Bitcoin transactions would you actually have to write,
>     and how
>     much would that cost, for let's say a "typical" DID document with one
>     verification method and one service endpoint?
>     Anyway, very interesting.
>     Markus
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