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Hi all, in recognition of the minutes we'll never get back from our lives
due to this thread, Rocco and I are proud to release the following upgrade
to did-doge:

- Wayne

On Thu, May 4, 2023 at 10:43 AM Manu Sporny <>

> On Thu, May 4, 2023 at 3:39 AM Melvin Carvalho <>
> wrote:
> > I believe associating the W3C logo with Dogecoin could have a negative
> impact on this group, as Dogecoin has a less than favorable reputation.
> Just to weigh in on this thread -- anyone speaking that hasn't engaged
> legal counsel is out of their depth. What may seem like a simple case
> is not.
> There is a conflict here between W3C's trademark (and the
> dodge-derived logo is begging them to enforce their trademark lest
> they lose it), fair use, and use of trademarks and copyrights for the
> purposes of parody.
> There are potentially good arguments both ways, but the second we
> summon the lawyers, we've all lost. We shouldn't pull W3C staff in
> because (speaking as a W3C Member that pays dues, which are then used
> to pay staff and legal counsel), this topic is a waste of W3C Member
> funding. It also calls into question W3C's trademark and the
> enforcement thereof (if you don't enforce your trademark, you can lose
> it).
> Wayne, you might consider (and this is clearly not legal advice;
> you'll want to consult counsel), asserting that the did-doge logo
> falls under a parody defense, you claim no commercial rights, you have
> no products or plan of any products that use the logo, and state
> clearly why you don't believe that this dilutes W3C's brand or causes
> "customer confusion". IOW, make it clear that this is a joke that
> you're not profiting off of and that doesn't cause harm or dilution to
> W3C's brand/reputation... or, just change the logo. :)
> This stuff can get really messy and complicated. Case in point,
> another dog-related trademark dilution case that recently worked its
> way through the courts with surprising outcomes:
> Just my $0.02, I am not a lawyer.
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