RE: Youtube channel for CCG archives?

FWIW over at the EFWG @ToIP we post the entire recorded meeting internally then trim the video to just the presenter portion for public YouTube consumption. Having the recordings publicly available has been working well for both those that couldn’t attend the call in real time and as a promotional benefit to the presenters.






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+1 likewise support from my side 

Mike Prorock <> 


On Sun, Mar 19, 2023, 18:31 Harrison < <> > wrote:

I like the "Credentials CG Youtube Channel" idea, and I am supportive of it as well.  I think the potential benefits of drawing a larger audience to CCG (in addition to other benefits that Manu has laid out) outweigh the cons.  






On Sun, Mar 19, 2023 at 3:21 PM David Booth < <> > wrote:

Might there be any concerns about . . . not exactly privacy, but 
"feeding the beast"?  I.e., making it even easier for big companies to 
slurp ever more information about us all -- including our video faces 
and voices?

I don't have a stake in this particular decision, but I wonder, because 
I personally am very unhappy with the lack of governance around the use 
of personal data, especially in the USA.  Companies routinely misuse 
personal data that I provided to them ONLY for the purpose of a specific 
transaction or activity, by selling that data and/or publishing it to 
the entire world -- including to malicious actors.

David Booth

On 3/19/23 17:10, Kim Hamilton wrote:
> Let’s do it! Strong support! Lmk if you need help
> On Sun, Mar 19, 2023 at 1:35 PM Manu Sporny < <>  
> < <> >> wrote:
>     Hey folks,
>     We added video recordings to the calls a while ago. Since then, we've
>     been stockpiling those videos. We have around 80GB of video content at
>     this point and we'll have to make a decision soon to keep the old
>     video content around, delete it, or move it to a more long-term
>     storage area.
>     Given that these videos are public (and always have been), I was
>     wondering if anyone would object to uploading these videos to YouTube?
>     The advantage there is auto-transcription into multiple languages,
>     better accessibility via closed captioning, archival backup, and other
>     things of that nature. The downside being, it's a proprietary service
>     that could go away at some point (and we wouldn't have any other
>     backups). Storage is cheap, so we could probably just double our
>     storage limits on the CCG server and get another 2 years of runway for
>     a fairly insignificant cost.
>     So, would there be objections to uploading all meeting video to
>     YouTube on a weekly basis (including our backlog) to a "Credentials CG
>     Channel"? Any other ideas on what to do with all of this video content
>     we've produced as a community?
>     -- manu
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