VC Specifications Directory goes live

Hi all CCG and W3C VCWG members,

Based on a VCWG resolution[1] last week, the VC Specifications
Directory is now live (in an EXPERIMENTAL capacity). The purpose of
this directory is to "serve as an unofficial directory for all known
Verifiable Credential specifications whether they are released by a
global standards setting organization, a community group, an open
source project, or an individual."

Those that are familiar with the DID Specifications Registry will note
that the VC Specifications Directory is kinda-sorta the same, but
meant to be simpler (by just listing specifications) and has a much
lower barrier to entry. The current process to accept new
specifications into the directory, which is still being worked through
by VCWG, is outlined here:

Related to the DID Specification Registry, readers will note that
maintainers of the directory will have to exercise far less judgement
on whether a specification is "good enough" to be listed. Basically,
you get in as long as you're not violating someone else's intellectual
property (copyright, patent, trademark) and not creating direct harm
to individuals (abusive language, technology that actively goes after
minority populations, etc.).

To add something to the registry, you just add one file with your
specification and contact information, like so:

CCG Chairs should also note that there will be a request[2] coming
from W3C VCWG in the coming weeks to point the existing CCG
Cryptosuites Registry and the CCG Verifiable Credential Extension
Registries to the new directory (and a request to entry maintainers in
those registries to add their specifications to the new directory if
they are still relevant).

Remember that this new VC Specifications Directory is new and
experimental, with rules and entry requirements that might change.
We're trying to create *A* useful directory of specifications that
exist in the Verifiable Credentials ecosystem... not *THE* one and
only registry for all things Verifiable Credentials.

Finally, if you are the maintainer of a specification that you feel
should be listed in the directory, you can follow these instructions
to get your specification listed:

If you have feedback or suggestions to improve that goal, please raise
issues so that the W3C VCWG can improve this work item:

-- manu


Manu Sporny -
Founder/CEO - Digital Bazaar, Inc.
News: Digital Bazaar Announces New Case Studies (2021)

Received on Monday, 6 March 2023 17:14:29 UTC