POLL RESULTS: What is the action that produces a Verifiable Presentation?

On Tue, Feb 28, 2023 at 5:01 PM Manu Sporny wrote:
> We are going to close this poll at the end of this week (12pm midnight
> PT Friday).

Alright, you nerds (I say that in the most positive and loving way
possible)... 90 of you registered your opinion on the question: "What
is the action that produces a Verifiable Presentation?".

That's a huge voter turn out to determine the selection of a single
word... you can't say this community doesn't care about terminology.

Here are the results (screenshot attached):


The anonymized ballots are all viewable at the link above as well.

What is the action that produces a Verifiable Presentation?

There are 12 candidates competing for 1 seat. The number of voters is 91 and
there were 90 valid votes and 1 empty votes. Counting votes using Borda Count.

Candidate | Count
   create |   551
    issue |   227
     sign |   169
  prepare |   385
  present |   273
 assemble |   385
    prove |   115
   derive |   205
  produce |   446
 generate |   507
   render |   143
  compose |   552
Exhausted |  1982

Borda count totals.

While the "winner" is the word "compose"... as in, you /compose/ a
Verifiable Presentation, and then you /present/ it... compose "won" by
a margin of a single Borda Count point, which is statistically
insignificant given the population and number of people voting.

The top 4 choices were (in order): compose, create, generate, and produce

The next steps are to put the poll results in front of the VCWG for
determining the rationale of what goes in the specification and why,
driven by the data we were able to gather in the poll.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the poll, it really helps
to use data-based approaches among an expert community when
determining terminology!

-- manu

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