June 7-9 Zurich- DICE Europe Invitation

HI folks,

  I have been saying this on the call that IIW is coming up and we will
likely sell out again - please buy your ticket now if you are coming.  We
are also committed to accessibility - so if you have something to
contribute and need help with a lower ticket price just reach out -

If you want to see a picture of all the fantastic folks at the APAC digital
identity  unconference here is a link to see the group picture -

Heid the co-producer with me of IIW and I are collaborating with Procivis
an SSI company based in Zurich and Trust Square, a venue there to produce
the Digital Identity unConference Europe - DICE June 7-9th.

Everyone on this list who is in Europe is proactively invited to attend -
you no longer have to fly all the way to SF to connect with your peers in
the community.  We also want folks who have been to IIW or wish they could
go to really send out invitations to people communities that could benefit
from attending. We are also open to the event being "used" by communities
that want to connect to themselves using the venue and format of the
unconference to connect to themselves (in relationship to other

[image: image.png]
June 7-9, Zurich

The Digital Identity unCconference Europe <https://diceurope.org/> is
inspired by the Internet Identity Workshop
<http://www.internetidentityworkshop.com/> that takes place twice a year in
California and this event is being co-organized with one of the founders -
Kaliya IdentityWoman <http://www.identitywoman.net/>, and the producer of
the event, Heidi Saul <https://www.heidinobantu.com/>.

The format for the main two days June 8-9th uses a method called Open Space
co-create the agenda live each day of the event. * You might wonder about
this being so different *- and thinking "don't we want to know who is going
to talk about what when well ahead of time".  Well if we did that we
wouldn't be able to support the type of real time current projects and
efforts going on.

*The landscape of identity projects is moving rapidly with the different
projects and initiatives around Europe. This event provides opportunities
for people working on these projects to connect and work on the current
live and pressing issues arising in digital identity projects.*

This event is for the community of people working on projects in all types
of roles - it is not designed for the sales people of particular companies
to "present" - there are lots of opportunities for that already in venues
like Identity Week or EIC.  We actively welcome projects to strategically
use this event to convene with and connect with others in your project in a
forum where other projects are doing the same.

Please reach out with any questions you have to Kaliya Young - one of the
co-organizers kaliya@identitywoman.net

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