Re: 2022-2026 Verifiable Data Standards Roadmap [DRAFT]

On 3/15/22 11:17 PM, Daniel Buchner wrote:
> I didn't see Presentation Exchange or Credential Manifest in the Data
> Models or Protocols sections of the roadmap diagram. Shouldn't we be
> including the most frequently used protocols for exchange and evaluation of
> credentials that normalizes the activity across all possible
> envelopes/protocols?

Good question, Daniel. I mentioned on the weekly call (yesterday) that the
roadmap was specific to CCG.

There is work happening at DIF, OpenID Foundation, ISO, and other venues that
is not listed on the CCG roadmap (because CCG has little to no influence over
that work).

The last time I included non-CCG work on that roadmap, I received negative
feedback from a few members from those other groups that CCG was attempting to
suggest that the work was happening in CCG (instead of elsewhere). So, based
on those wishes, I removed non-CCG work items from the people that were

If the community would like a more unified view of all of the work happening,
one possible way to do that is to mark where each work item is progressing.
So, "Credential Manifest" would turn into "Credential Manifest (DIF)". We'd
need buy in from the other groups to put that on the roadmap.

Food for thought... up to the community to determine if what we're creating is
a "CCG Roadmap" or an "Ecosystem Roadmap". The latter has always been fraught,
but perhaps things have changed over the past two years to make them less
fraught. :)

-- manu

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