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RE: Credential Chaining

From: Marty Reed <Marty.Reed@randasolutions.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 17:03:33 +0000
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Examples of the nested VC approach can be found in this repo:


This discussion brings forward in my mind the concept of VPs persisting into a wallet.


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On 6/29/22 12:33 PM, Brent Shambaugh wrote:
> Is there such a thing as credentials that can only be issued if the
> holder already has a particular credential?

Is there such a thing as that concept? Yes.

Has someone implemented this? Depends on how you define "chaining".

If you mean you use one credential to get another credential:

Digital Bazaar has (in a proof of concept capacity) demonstrated the consumption of a digital identification credential issued by a government to receive a TruAge age verification credential.

If you mean, you embed one credential inside another credential:

I believe some of the VC EDU folks are exploring that use case... and yes, if you use VCs that are protected by Data Integrity (was Linked Data Signatures), then you can do arbitrary nesting of digitally signed VCs.

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