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DIF VC-JWTs look like Linked Data Proof Verifiable Credentials

From: Orie Steele <orie@transmute.industries>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2022 08:08:19 -0600
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To: "W3C Credentials CG (Public List)" <public-credentials@w3.org>, David Waite <dwaite@pingidentity.com>, David Chadwick <d.w.chadwick@verifiablecredentials.info>, Mike Jones <Michael.Jones@microsoft.com>
Hey Folks,

As we gear up for VCDM2.0 there are a number of VC-JWT implementations that
we are tracking and attempting to show interoperability across.

One of the oldest VC-JWT implementations is hosted at DIF, but it produces
VC-JWTs that are not compact JWTs ... they look more like Linked Data Proof

As far as I know, no other VC-JWT implementation supports this format, aka

Here is a link to an issue with an example:

If you have a few minutes, I would love some review of what the DIF
implementation is doing, and how we can either push it all the way into the
LD Proof camp, or all the way into the VC-JWT camp.



Chief Technical Officer

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