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Re: [INFRASTRUCTURE] Audio and Transcription upgrades

From: Mike Prorock <mprorock@mesur.io>
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2022 10:28:56 -0500
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To: Manu Sporny <msporny@digitalbazaar.com>
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Thanks Manu!

Mike Prorock
CTO, Founder

On Sat, Feb 19, 2022 at 3:24 PM Manu Sporny <msporny@digitalbazaar.com>

> What follows are a few upgrades made to the Jitsi system that will
> hopefully
> fix some of the audio issues that some of us have been experiencing over
> the
> past two months.
> Most of these problems have been caused by changes to how browsers manage
> audio permissions when playing back audio.  Some of these problems are a
> result of new browser bugs introduced as a result of these changes. When
> and
> how web pages are allowed to call certain APIs will be an area of
> experimentation by the browser vendors over the next couple of years as
> they
> try to tighten down the privacy and security profile of web browsers.
> Meeting Join Screen
> ===================
> A meeting join screen has been enabled where you can select your
> microphone,
> speakers, and camera before joining any CCG meeting. We had this disabled
> before because it was not necessary.
> New upgrades to Chrome now require an individual to interact with a web
> page
> before that web page can play sound to that person. This was done to
> prevent
> ads from auto-playing audio commercials, but the side effect was that
> Jitsi is
> now blocked (in some cases, depending on your browser version and OS
> platform)
> from playing audio when you don't interact with the page first.
> Placing this join screen before a call ensures that everyone will interact
> with the web page, thus enabling Jitsi to get access to the audio device
> and
> play back what other people are saying on the call.
> If this still doesn't work for you, your audio drops out half-way through
> the
> call, or you talk but other people can't hear you -- just re-load the page
> and
> that should fix the audio for you in most of the cases. Unfortunately,
> since
> these are largely sporadic browser bugs, a Jitsi upgrade won't help us
> here...
> but a page refresh might fix the problem for you.
> Transcription Upgrades
> ======================
> The auto-transcription feature is working much better now that we're using
> a
> more financially costly audio AI model. Google has a great business model
> here
> -- "Those are some pretty words you just said... it'd be a real shame if
> something were to happen to 'em, pal.") :P
> Err, I mean, Google is wonderful and there is nothing wrong with charging
> good
> money for a service that provides great value.
> The transcriptions seem to be good enough to replace human scribes at this
> point. The quality is not as good as a /good/ human scribe, and the bots
> capture every single word that is said (probably too much), but the days of
> human transcription seem to be numbered.
> I've optimized the transcription bot so it stops recording every single
> utterance, so one and two word quips are not recorded now. That was most of
> the "clean up" work required for auto-transcribed minutes these days...
> which
> takes less time (at least for me) than dealing w/ a human scribe (the
> output
> from meeting to meeting is far more consistent now).
> We still have a few issues with the system... like, the fact that Apple
> devices don't seem to care about the Jitsi server telling them to "PLEASE
> FIRE-HOSING ME WITH SCREEN SHARE DATA!!!"... So, doing a dual-screen Apple
> 8K
> desktop screen share w/ the system still might bring it to its knees. When
> you
> screen share, please just share a reasonably sized HD-quality window
> instead
> of all two screens of your ultra-wide dual monitor 4K desktop setup at
> home. :P
> We're regularly doing calls with 30 people on them now and the system load
> seems to be stable, even with screen sharing, screen recording, and
> auto-transcription enabled.
> If you have additional concerns or problems with Jitsi, please do log the
> issues here:
> https://github.com/w3c-ccg/community/issues/229
> -- manu
> --
> Manu Sporny - https://www.linkedin.com/in/manusporny/
> Founder/CEO - Digital Bazaar, Inc.
> News: Digital Bazaar Announces New Case Studies (2021)
> https://www.digitalbazaar.com/
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