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[MINUTES] W3C CCG Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force Call - 2022-02-07

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VC for Education Task Force Transcript for 2022-02-07

  1. IP Note
  2. Call Notes
  3. Introductions & Reintroductions
  4. Announcements & Reminders
  5. Use Cases
  6. Github Issues
  7. VC-EDU Priorities Management (volunteers wanted)
  Kerri Lemoie
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  Kerri Lemoie, Timothy Summers, Deb Everhart, Phil L (P1), Phil 
  Barker, David Ward, Sharon Leu, Simone Ravaoli, Chris Kelly, Jim 
  Kelly, Dmitri Zagidulin, Kimberly Linson, James Chartrand, Kayode 
  Ezike, Tayken (LEF), Markus Sabadello, John Kuo, Colin (LEF), 
  Phil Long, Andy Miller, Matt Lisle, PL, Taylor Kendall, Frank 
  Cicio, tayken (LEF), Frank, FN2f13d34e3a476c76ebacac2f0277815b, 
  Nate Otto

<kerri_lemoie> HI folks - if you have trouble hearing, please try 
  Firefox or safari and if you can, please list what browser and 
  version you are using when you can't hear.
<kerri_lemoie> Repeating this for folks just going us: 
<phil> No audio on Ubuntu / Chromium
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Kerri Lemoie:  Hello happy Monday February 7th and this is a 
  verifiable credentials for Education called I'll keep in mind 
  that this call is being Auto transcribed and we've been sort of 
  contending with issues on and off with this so I'm I would ask 
  for your help with this makes it a lot easier for us to publish 
  the minutes if I'm you could lend us a hand and so what happens 
  is you will see the transcriber in the in the chat.
Kerri Lemoie:  And sometimes you will see.
Kerri Lemoie:  That
Kerri Lemoie:  The transcriber literally   butchers words that's 
  we use them as we say them so what you can do is actually do a 
  substitution if you notice this so I'm for instance I'm going to 
  do it one right here where I'm going to do you'll see it in the 
  chat these sub s /i'm say that period and then that so in the 
  chat you can see this substitution and that's what you can do as 
  well anybody can do this.
Kerri Lemoie:   And what happens is when we run the script.
Kerri Lemoie:  Later.
Kerri Lemoie:  To publish the minutes it will pick up on all 
  these substitutions and make them so if we do it in real time 
  it's a lot easier and takes a lot less time to publish the 
  minutes then if we have to go through the whole meeting and do it 
  ourselves so and it's okay if more than one person does the same 
  substitution not a problem so thank you for help.
Kerri Lemoie:  .
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay seven get started with the boiler a boiler 
  plate and then will I will get into our agenda this could be a 
  pretty short meeting depending on the discussions that come up 
  and we don't have a presentation today so we're going to be 
  looking at these cases document and also the priorities that 
  we've been discussing for BC edu for this year.
Kerri Lemoie:  .
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay.

Topic: IP Note

Kerri Lemoie:  Proposed agenda is this first is the IP note 
  anyone can participate in these calls however all substitutive 
  contributors to any ccg work items must be members of the ccg 
  with full IP our agreement side must ensure that you have a W3 
  account and that you have agreed to the w3c community 
  contributors license agreement.

Topic: Call Notes

Kerri Lemoie:  Second as I mentioned there are this meeting is 
  being recorded and there is a transcription that is occurring so 
  everything is archived and if you missed a call in the future or 
  you want to look at past meetings you can always do this at this 
  Lake right here.
Kerri Lemoie:  Put this in the chat from the meeting archives.
<kerri_lemoie> Meeting archives link: 
Kerri Lemoie:  And next is that we use a queue system in the ccg 
  when we are having discussions this makes it possible for 
  everybody to get into the queue and to be able to say what they 
  need to say or ask the questions they need to ask we do this by 
  typing Q + to add yourself to the Q no see that that puts me in 
  the queue right there and then if you want to take yourself out 
  of the queue you say q-and it will remove you from the queue.

Topic: Introductions & Reintroductions

Kerri Lemoie:  Next introductions and reintroductions is there 
  anyone new here today that would like to make an introduction.
Kerri Lemoie:  Anyone who's been here before they would like to 
  reintroduce themselves or give us an update on something you're 
  working on.
Kerri Lemoie:  .
Dmitri Zagidulin:  Yep not a problem.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  Problem.
Kerri Lemoie:  If so feel free to queue yourself at any time and 
  we were we'll get to that Dimitri would you follow the chat for 
  me because I'm using Safari to make sure that I can hear okay and 
  the Safari chat doesn't scroll automatically sometimes I miss 
  things thank you and I thank you to those who are doing the 
  substituting in the chat really appreciate that okay 
  announcements and reminders so.

Topic: Announcements & Reminders

Kerri Lemoie:  Upcoming in CCG.
Kerri Lemoie:  Typing.
Kerri Lemoie: CCG: https://w3c-ccg.github.io/announcements/
Kerri Lemoie:  I always listed here I don't see anything new in 
  this calendar but just keep an eye on here we want to see what is 
  going on also registration is open for the internet identity 
Kerri Lemoie:  I have put a link to this in the tab as well.
<kerri_lemoie> Register for IIW: 
Kerri Lemoie:  They are planning on doing this in person is April 
  26 April 28th in Mountain View California at the Computer History 
Kerri Lemoie:  So far I've only attended these virtually I would 
  like to go in person I don't know if that will happen this year 
  but I encourage you to join if you're able to.
Kerri Lemoie:  Chris Kelly I see you in the queue.
<frank_cicio> sorry cant hear anyone
Chris_Kelly_(DIF): Hi I just wanted to jump in here I am 
  responsible for communications at the decentralized identity 
  Foundation the last if we are organizing our own networking and 
  co-working event and use still purely virtual as a nice 
  counterpart to iiw which I do hope to attend in person it's 
  called DIFcon and.
Chris_Kelly_(DIF): Is.
<kerri_lemoie> Frank - please try safari. Also - which browser & 
Dmitri Zagidulin: Frank: try Safari or firefox
Chris_Kelly_(DIF): In approximately two weeks by gather town and 
  zoom with a variety of report outs from our groups workshops and 
  demos and it would be okay I'll drop a link to the event right 
  sign up page during the chat it is completely free and open to 
  everybody not just the dick membership so it's a great way to 
  take care of what we're doing and get involved.
Chris_Kelly_(DIF): .
Kerri Lemoie:  Thank you Chris when is that.
Chris_Kelly_(DIF): The 24th of February is the first one serving 
  European and North American time zones and then a week later we 
  have an aipac and asia-pacific follow-up to serve those time 
  zones which will continue the conversations.
Kerri Lemoie:  Excellent thank you for sharing that.
Kerri Lemoie:  I'm just going to check with you.
Kerri Lemoie:  Does anybody have any other announcements they 
  would like to make before we move on.
<chris_kelly_(dif)> and APAC followup 3rd March 
<chris_kelly_(dif)> Hope to see you all there :)
<frank_cicio> Chrome
Kerri Lemoie:  And does anybody have anything they would like to 
  add to the agenda and I'll tell you what we're going to work on 
  next we do have room if you do have something you'd like to add 
  first we're going to be looking at the progress on these cases 
  document we're going to be reviewing to GitHub issues and then 
  we're going to be looking at the VC-EDU priorities and discuss 
  managing and and and volunteering.
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay okay where do we get into these cases then.

Topic: Use Cases

Kerri Lemoie:  I'm going to put a link in the chat.
Kerri Lemoie: 
Kerri Lemoie:  The use cases document all of you should be able 
  to access this and it should be open to anyone to comment if you 
  would like to do some editing on this just drop me a line and 
  I'll add you as an editor I'm not going to share my screen 
  because there's been occasions where screen sharing causes the 
  transcriber to stop or the recording to stop so because it's a 
  document you can all open I'm just going to put it in the chat 
  there actually I'm going to label it.
Kerri Lemoie:   It.
<kerri_lemoie> VC-EDU Use Cases doc: 
Kerri Lemoie:  .
Kerri Lemoie:  So as you can see at the top or in this document 
  I've been going through these cases I've been submitted in b.c. 
  edu and I've been following the format of the VC abuse cases 
  document and going through and adding as many user needs 
  technology needs you know as much as I can find in what we have 
  discussed and what we've documented in here and then I started 
  started writing some content and students introduction.
Kerri Lemoie:  And listening terminology.
Kerri Lemoie:  This will be taken directly from the VC files so 
  we're just going to reference as an external document because 
  there's no need to rewrite what is already well written and 
  documented and then we have the user roles we have this Core 
  Concepts section which will write and then the user roles the 
  part that I've really been focusing on if you scroll down is user 
  needs and actually right above that is Reliant third party which 
  is something that we don't have.
Kerri Lemoie:  .
Kerri Lemoie:  Sit anywhere else we've typically only spoken 
  about the verifier and not relying third party I'm putting that 
  in there for discussion at some point once you start digging into 
  this document with others because I think there's a case to be 
  made in education where they could be verifying services but also 
  Reliant their parties who are not actually doing the verifying 
  and that seems to be coming up in the use cases quite a bit.
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay so what is there to do it was filling in.
Kerri Lemoie:  Content this first one you one digital transcript 
  was already there so it's not bad it's actually from the VC use 
  cases document and then started filling in the rest so grade 
  point average attendance enrollment and I started writing writing 
  from a third-person perspective with names which is normally what 
  I do but then I found it started getting much easier if I just 
  wrote it from a first-person perspective.
Kerri Lemoie:   And also seems more relatable.
Kerri Lemoie:  I could look at it like oh yeah I am someone that 
  has a list of badges in my wallet and I want to do this so I 
  don't know I'm going back and forth on that once we have more 
  more folks involved in here we can play around with that I found 
  it easier to write write some of the use cases by doing that so 
  the point is to try and list as many of these as possible.
Kerri Lemoie:  Then you can see there's still some to fill in and 
  then once we get down to.
Kerri Lemoie:  Technology needs that's going to get more specific 
  and they were going to have like the focal use cases in the focal 
  use cases is actually going to look more like what you've been 
  submitting and these cases documents where it's actually going to 
  step through various steps of these so the above descriptions are 
  just very small and the focal use cases will be more examples of 
  how it actually works.
Kerri Lemoie:  .
Kerri Lemoie:  Unlikely at the very bottom we will have some 
  examples but not examples for everything examples of code because 
  that will go into the modeling doc fix so my goal is to make 
  extreme progress on this this week and the following week 
  actually until we're hopefully by the end of February we're 
  pretty close to having done those of you who are already editors 
  on here feel free to start jumping in and if you'd like to be an 
  editor just let me know and we're just going to work on it 
  asynchronously and if that becomes too much we can.
Kerri Lemoie:   Find a time to meet up.
Kerri Lemoie:  And I collaborate together on it.
Kerri Lemoie:  Does anybody have any questions or comments about 
  how this is going and any sections they think is missing.
Kerri Lemoie:  I'm use cases that you know Steve obvious and 
  aren't here.
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay.
<deb_everhart> I'll need to dive in and make specific 
  suggestions-- have not had time to do that yet
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay well that's the saddest of you skids is right 
  now I'm going to keep going ahead because this is one of the work 
  items at this group needs to deliver to them to the ccg keep in 
  mind that it's a draft work item so even when we deliver it could 
  change in the future but hopefully it does the work intended to 
  guide the work that we're all doing with pilots and 
  implementation and other decisions that are being made.
Kerri Lemoie:  .
Kerri Lemoie:  Thanks Ted I appreciate that.
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay great.

Topic: Github Issues

Kerri Lemoie:  So why don't we all move on to some the ticket 
  issues I'm going to give you a link to a spreadsheet that the 
  chairs have been working out of.
Kerri Lemoie:  Here most are not going to share my my screen I'm 
  sorry about that until I feel more confident and I feel like it's 
  better to give this to you you can also open this so this is a 
  spreadsheet chat here.
Kerri Lemoie:  Bcig topics.
<kerri_lemoie> Spreadsheet for VC-EDu topics: 
Kerri Lemoie:  You could all go there that would be helpful 
  that's where we're going to stick for now.
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay so in the second tab so the first tab the 
  topics in ranking this is the results of the community voting 
  this isn't exactly the order we're going to go in this is a the 
  input that we got to help us decide how to weigh the different 
  topics you'll see what I mean as we get into this.
Kerri Lemoie:   And the.
Kerri Lemoie:  In town.
Kerri Lemoie:  We have our issues and what I've done here what 
  we've done.
Kerri Lemoie:  .
Kerri Lemoie:  Try to organize the the topics in issues and see 
  how they are related and then what we could we should do is 
  create separate issues in the GitHub repository where we can 
  discuss all of this and you can see for example that I'm ro7 I've 
  already paid an issue for context file for VC edu and I'm going 
  to put the link to that.
Kerri Lemoie:   In the chat too.
<kerri_lemoie> Context for VC-EDU: 
Kerri Lemoie:  So the reason even though this came up as number 
  15 in the ranking by the community it is actually work that's 
  happening another standards bodies right now so it makes sense to 
  get going on this over the next few weeks so that we have 
  alignment because once we have context files in place even if 
  they're just draft context files people can start piloting and 
  this is where we're headed pretty quickly right now so we want to 
  make sure that's available.
Kerri Lemoie:  .
Kerri Lemoie:  Stop there and see if anybody has any questions 
  where I'm at right now.
Kerri Lemoie:  .
Kerri Lemoie:  So I'd first thing I want to do it this list 
  actually is go to the bottom to line 21 and line 23 these are 
  GitHub issues that have been open for some time.
Kerri Lemoie:  .
Kerri Lemoie:  I'd like to look at them with you and see where we 
  are with them and see if potentially we should just close them.
Kerri Lemoie:  Before I do Phil Long, I see you're on the queue 
  assuming PL that's you okay.
PL: Yeah I just wanted to yeah that's me in the topics list of 
  the are the issues column in the VC edu meeting topics linking 
  these he's there I just wanted to point out that that's where 
  endorsements would fit.
Kerri Lemoie:  DC is on line 6.
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay so I'm.
PL: Young men sex correct is irie dead anyway and I say that 
  because I'm trying to make sure that we.
PL: See these through an edu I so to speak.
PL: Because as we'll talk about in a minute I'll wait you have an 
  endorsement slower down and number 11 as well.
PL: So I'm not sure how you want to deal with that.
PL: Yeah.
Kerri Lemoie:  Yeah that's fine so what you can do to get her 
  positive education GitHub repositories you can link to other 
  other issues so you can link to more than one so I'm putting it 
  in there as a note so we make sure to keep those linked.
PL: Okay thanks.
Kerri Lemoie:  Sure.
PL: And of course the other question in this is is which of these 
  things are more generally VC C CG topics and where does the FEC 
  ccg lens onto the topic not cover or insufficient recover an edu 
  important aspect.
PL: Thank you.
Kerri Lemoie:  Yeah if they take some notes on that as we go 
  through each one before we get to that abuse and you go through 
  these two that we want to evaluate the ones that have been around 
  for a long time thank you.
Kerri Lemoie: https://github.com/w3c-ccg/vc-ed/issues/3
Kerri Lemoie:  Is it the first one is this one right here this is 
  extracting data and a PDF format from ABC put the GitHub repo 
  link in the chat.
Kerri Lemoie:  And my suggestion is that this is probably not a 
  VC-EDU topic also that it is related to the Ellie are wrapper 
  which we're focusing on Native alignment right now so my 
  suggestion is that we could close this.
Kerri Lemoie:  Does anyone have any thoughts on that.
Kerri Lemoie:  Does anyone have any objections to that.
Kerri Lemoie:  You too cute.
<pl> Sounds reasonable. Is it actually a topic for later about 
  non-native credential payloads?
Deb Everhart:  So sorry but can someone just explain to me in 
  plain English what what this issue is the saying I think it looks 
  like it's a it's a general VC issue and not specifically if you 
  see edu but I'm not sure I understand exactly what it's asking 
  for here.
Kerri Lemoie:  Sure thank you I was making I can do my best to 
  explain it the lar wrapper which was a recommendation or at least 
  a reference that we were all looking at a couple of years ago but 
  we're not working with any more but the LER Wrapper had a 
  something called the payload and the payload was intended to 
  accommodate all different types of credentials.
Kerri Lemoie:   But what we've shifted.
Kerri Lemoie:  Is doing native alignment to verifiable 
  credentials meaning that for instance I am s open badges is going 
  to have typically or up till the 2.1 has a certian its own type 
  of assertion and said we're going to replacing that with 
  alignment to the VC model.
Kerri Lemoie:  .
<pl> AKA here we're talking about only JSON-LD payloads
Kerri Lemoie:  They are rapper the difference would was that 
  there would be sort of the envelope layer of the assertion and 
  then there would be a payload and the payload would be the open 
  badge containing its assertion information but we're moving on 
  from that at this stage so this issue number three reflects how 
  it would happen how we would insert a PDF into an Lar.
Kerri Lemoie:  Or into a VC sorry.
PL: Carrie.
PL: .
Kerri Lemoie:  Yes.
PL: Just to clarify it maybe it helpful to say we're talking 
  about only those circumstances where the lar wrapper space you 
  would have considered the pelota json-ld payload and that's the 
  only thing we're considering here.
Kerri Lemoie:  Yes sorry thank you that's a good clarification 
  when I said natively aligned to VC's that's exactly what I meant 
  which Phil said Thank you so as much clearer so in this this 
  GitHub issue it is a is inserting non non json-ld data in a VC 
Deb Everhart:  So is the question if for that non json-ld data.
Deb Everhart:  When it's a PDF is this just about being able to 
  recognize it as a PDF and be able to do things with it as a PDF 
  or is this somehow trying to reconcile the PDF payload with the 
  information in the json-ld payload.
Kerri Lemoie:  Well this is in reference to including a PDF in a 
  verifiable credential as the payload of the verifiable 
Deb Everhart:  Which is something that VC's already do right so 
  Dimitri please jump in and help me understand I'm sorry to be 
Dmitri Zagidulin:  No I'm also telling myself it's a very 
  specifically about that we are rap but I wanted to add that.
Dmitri Zagidulin:   We.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  Also linked to the issue in the VC data model 
  that was an internal mechanism to link to external.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  Resources like PDFs like images which is 
  slightly related but maybe that's what the opener meant.
<pl> @Deb - you can encode a PDF to natively present it, but 
  that's not as a payload, which is JSON-LD
Kerri Lemoie:  I'm happy to keep it open if we want to link to 
  that way if that's what folks that we should do my only 
  suggestion would be that there might be some kind of confusion 
  with the lar approach versus what we're going to be doing with 
  link resources we could clarify that later I just keep this open 
  and close it later once we've figured that out.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  I mean my vote would be let's close it but 
  also add the comment.
FN2f13d34e3a476c76ebacac2f0277815b: Close it.
Kerri Lemoie:  Fill them.
PL: Yeah just to respond to Deb's comment it you know one this 
  doesn't mean that you can't do for example encoding of a PDF in a 
  in another encoding scheme just to present the document as a 
  document I think what we're which very specifically referring to 
  is that the the general structure of the payload itself has to be 
  json-ld is so if you had an image file or you had a PDF or.
PL:  going like that coming.
PL: Jordan.
<simone_ravaioli> for reference - LEARNING AND
PL: In in base64 based 50 56 or something like that as a line 
  that would be permissible within a json-ld structure but but it 
  wouldn't be permissible in this particular case to have the 
  everything that is after the context file a PDF.
PL: If that makes sense.
Deb Everhart:  It does thank you.
Kerri Lemoie:  So.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  If not not a problem yeah yeah I'll add it.
FN2f13d34e3a476c76ebacac2f0277815b: Yeah yeah yeah.
Kerri Lemoie:  What I want to do for now is but I will put a 
  comment in here and close it Dmitri would you mind putting a link 
  to the issue you created about link resources can't seem to find 
  that I think it might be helpful for folks to sir thank you.
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay the next one.
Kerri Lemoie:  So that's one up for you.
Dmitri Zagidulin: https://github.com/w3c/vc-data-model/issues/831
Kerri Lemoie:  Issue Number Four.
Kerri Lemoie: https://github.com/w3c-ccg/vc-ed/issues/4
<dmitri_zagidulin> (and I'll add a comment to the issue
Kerri Lemoie:  Give you folks a minute to pull this up and have a 
  look at this one too.
<dmitri_zagidulin> Leonard Rosenthal's presentation
<pl> Or perhaps better stated in a presentation the thing the 
  presentation encloses shouldn't be a  PDF but a VC as JSON-LD
Kerri Lemoie:  One of the suggestions and the chairs were talking 
  about this was I don't know if you all remember about a while 
  back we had someone from Adobe speak about how to use Adobe 
  Center to embed information in it and one thought that we had was 
  to invite that person back to talk about how we can do this.
Kerri Lemoie:  So what we could do is make a note in this one and 
  then set up for a call where this can be discussed in detail.
Kerri Lemoie:  That's my suggestion for this one.
Dmitri Zagidulin: +1 To that suggestion
Kerri Lemoie:  Does anybody have any thoughts on that.
<simone_ravaioli> Leonard Rosenthol (Adobe) maybe
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay great so that's what we'll do with those to 
  thank you for doing this housekeeping it helps to move forward on 
  the other things and helps to figure out where it all sits.

Topic: VC-EDU Priorities Management (volunteers wanted)

John Kuo: Makes sense +1
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay so here's our mission now for the next part 
  of this call is in back to that spreadsheet in the Tab 2 or we 
  have the list of issues.
Kerri Lemoie:  We've done our best to say okay these are the 
  topics and these are some somehow they align that they might be 
  further alignments later there might be more topics later but 
  this is what we have right now and what were wondering is if 
  there's anybody in this community who would like to take the lead 
  or at least participate in the work on some of these issues so 
  that we could do some of these in parallel because as co-chairs 
  we will only go so fast on these things and we could use some.
Kerri Lemoie:  Participation so that we can move faster.
Kerri Lemoie:  So we're wondering if there's anybody here who 
  sort of wants to go like sees anything on this list that standing 
  out to them and said this is something that's really important to 
  the work that I'm doing so I'm going to participate in this maybe 
  even take the lead out of it.
Kerri Lemoie:  Please.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  And if I could jump in actually I'm getting an 
  echo from whoever's calling in from the phone if you don't mind 
FN2f13d34e3a476c76ebacac2f0277815b: I could just not getting it.
<deb_everhart> wrt the issues tab or the topics tab?
Dmitri Zagidulin:  So I wanted to say in case participation is 
  items sounds daunting participation can be as simple as open a 
  GitHub issue reach out to some people that you think might know 
  about the topic encourage them to present or speak briefly to 
  State the problem on a call right involvement can be very minimal 
  but it is great to get you involved.
Kerri Lemoie:  Thank you g that's great exactly.
Kerri Lemoie:  Deb this is regard to the issues tab so it's the 
  second tab in the spreadsheet so when to the right of topics in 
<pl> I'd be happy to take the Linked VCs and VC-Es with someone 
  more knowledgeable than I on JSON-LD syntax ;-)
Kerri Lemoie:  So you'll see I'm row 7 we've created that issue 
  for the context file for VC I do so that's an example I bet there 
  are others on this call who are very interested in a context file 
  for btig you if you like to work on this with us you could let us 
  know or you could actually go right into that that issue and 
  start making comments in there and share your thoughts.
Kerri Lemoie:   And then.
Kerri Lemoie:  We can do.
<deb_everhart> yes, add me and Phil Barker to issue 11 in the 
Kerri Lemoie:  As we go through we fail we can start looking to 
  see status on these things and see if anybody would like to 
  update us and it keeps sort of working and I could get that way 
  I'm going to catch up on the chat here so give me a moment.
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay Phil I think the last person to see in here.
<phil> yes, add me and Deb Everhart to issue 11 in the 
Kerri Lemoie:  Mentioning this but let me know if I missing 
  anybody to feel what I see is you'd be happy to work on the link 
  feces topic so that is row 6.
Kerri Lemoie:  Awesome.
PL: Correct and its Associated VC he's down below.
Kerri Lemoie:  You tell me what row I'm below you're referencing.
PL: Fifteen.
Kerri Lemoie:  Free conformance testing.
PL: I'm sorry I misread it where did I see it no 11.
PL: Yeah I'm sleep.
Kerri Lemoie:  Oh that for endorsements okay yes great perfect 
  that makes sense I'm going to actually put you down underlying 11 
  to great thank you.
PL: Yep that's fine and I'll put the issue to begin the issue 
  statement pull together the things that Dimitri UI and already 
  have already done.
PL: Correct.
Kerri Lemoie:  Awesome so I will create issues for for all of 
  those so we have those in the repository so we can have that to 
  keep track of and I'm for those of you who may not have been here 
  in previous calls what we're trying to do with this endorsements 
  is actually do cross Network approach to this bill is involved 
  with a T3 Network and and HR open is that feel right people.
Kerri Lemoie:   Yeah I'm so that's or trying to do.
Kerri Lemoie:  Coordinated effort on how to do endorsements with 
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay.
PL: Well and with IMS to the extent we are in there Abel.
Kerri Lemoie:  Yes that's right exactly okay to meet you or 
  somebody you see anybody anything else in the queue that I'm 
  missing here.
Kerri Lemoie:  About involvement.
Kerri Lemoie:  .
Kerri Lemoie:  Volunteers.
Deb Everhart:  I put a volunteer now in there yeah from info 
  Barker on Issue 11 line 7.
Deb Everhart:  It's also the same thing thank goodness.
Kerri Lemoie:  Did okay which one done.
Kerri Lemoie:  This is the data modeling yes of course any sense 
Kerri Lemoie:  Bill you on this call to Phil Barker.
Kerri Lemoie:  I do hear you I just put your name in the 
  spreadsheet thank you.
Kerri Lemoie:   Line 7.
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay is there any.
<deb_everhart> +q
Kerri Lemoie:  And it's interested in any of these issues 
  particularly I'm going to put thrown a I know you are I've been 
  having trust in the international sensation row so I'm listing 
  you there.
Kerri Lemoie:  I think that on integrate with existing system 
  seems going to go through these now a little by little now that 
  we've looked at them sort of loosely and casually so integration 
  with existing systems is something that will be ongoing and will 
  really be revisiting it off and probably broken up into several 
  conversations and topic so there may not even be a leading issue 
  for that but I put it there just in case someone would like to 
  work on them.
Kerri Lemoie:   For Road number three with Vera.
Kerri Lemoie:  The presentations versus nested verify the 
  credentials in the education context this is covered quite a bit 
  in the higher ed transcript space I think it is mostly figured 
  out now but we might do is a call on explaining the difference so 
  people can understand what verify appeared in presentations are 
  and and discuss nested credentials so that you know while the 
  providers and those can understand what we expected from 
Kerri Lemoie:   Space.
Kerri Lemoie:  Way too technical.
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay.
Kerri Lemoie:  Last week we already had a call on 
  internationalisation some money will be updating this in the near 
  future about Canada that would be very interesting credential 
  display logic is something we're going to want to get into in 
  this is how education displays education credentials display in 
Kerri Lemoie:  .
Kerri Lemoie:  I imagine they may be some wallet folks I would 
  like to help lead those efforts and I'm happy to reach out to see 
  if they will.
Kerri Lemoie:  Skip six we already talked about it seven we 
  already discussed two number eight we thought it would be really 
  great to have a session or multiple sessions I'm protocols and 
  what that means.
Kerri Lemoie:  And because we don't actually talk about protocols 
  very often in this space we talked about data and modeling but 
  not actually how data gets from one place to another so we like 
  to do more of that.
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay number nine is bridging Tech which we're 
  going to be doing throughout.
Kerri Lemoie:  .
Kerri Lemoie:  And I will be discussing that in these cases 
  document as well.
Kerri Lemoie:  I never turned governance is really interesting I 
  think this is also tied to internationalisation because I think 
  it is different different parts of the world so I'm going to add 
  internationalisation to that.
Kerri Lemoie:  Endorsements.
Kerri Lemoie:  So long is going to lead the efforts there.
Kerri Lemoie:   I'm happy.
Kerri Lemoie:  Found that with you too for put my name in there.
<deb_everhart> you can also add me under endorsements
Kerri Lemoie:  Provoking refreshing credential status likely will 
  have someone visiting us from ccg but also this is this is a sec 
  GBC issue not just BC edu and I know I'm actually in many of 
  these that is the case right protocols that's pretty cross sector 
  not just education governance may have a more of an education 
  spin to it revoking refreshing it will have and.
Kerri Lemoie:   Education angle but also.
Kerri Lemoie:  Does it will be an overall functionality with 
  education use cases that will be very specific.
Kerri Lemoie:  I guardianships also is not only specific to 
  education but we do know some projects where this is happening 
  and this ties to delegation possibly Prudential chaining and 
  those types of issues that are critical disgust for security and 
Kerri Lemoie:  It's number 14 of probably it's related to all of 
  the things and 13 and then we have performance testing and I'm 
Kerri Lemoie:  And then down below below the ticket issues we 
  have personal data storage.
Kerri Lemoie:  .
Kerri Lemoie:  Jake really considering solid and then 
  interoperability testing.
Kerri Lemoie:  Interoperability testing they made to also tie 
  into number 2 integration with existing systems.
Kerri Lemoie:  Dimitri.
Kerri Lemoie:  I'm sorry Deb's first and then Dimitri.
Deb Everhart:  Housekeeping know you can add me to endorsements 
  and also sort of housekeeping but pii selective disclosure is 
  separate well so that's line 14 is potentially three topics that 
  can be usefully split out Pi I which may be you know like 
  usefully addressed via did group I'm not sure.
Deb Everhart:   Sure.
Deb Everhart:  I selected disclosure which would probably also be 
  addressed as a subset of pii but then there's also selective 
  disclosure for information about the information within the 
  credential does that make sense.
Kerri Lemoie:  It has been since.
Deb Everhart:  Is it different types of expertise you need for 
  those three different things.
Kerri Lemoie:  Things have I'm actually I went to movies like 
  your disclosure to the next column say it related to that address 
  it in that way.
Kerri Lemoie:  Thank you.
Deb Everhart:  But we should also have credential information 
  selective disclosure as a separate thing.
Kerri Lemoie:  And when you say that do you mean things like if 
  there's a list of skills in say it open badge that maybe only one 
  would be revealed as part of selective disclosure.
Deb Everhart:  Potentially but also just simple things like 
  degree snow and then more information about that degree.
Kerri Lemoie:  Yes.
Kerri Lemoie:  .
Kerri Lemoie:  I'm adding that in thank you.
Kerri Lemoie:  Hey Dmitri.
Dmitri Zagidulin:  I was just wondering if it makes sense for us 
  to reach out to share and Lou on the interoperability item.
<deb_everhart> she's here
Kerri Lemoie:  Absolutely Sharon, are you here? I think I saw her 
  papa on earlier.
<sharon_leu> I'm here!
PL: She seems to be in disguise.
Sharon Leu:  I'm not in the sky sorry I couldn't figure out 
  because I'm using I had to use Safari or sorry and then I 
  couldn't anyway yes let's definitely talk a little bit more about 
  that I didn't say anything because I feel like I don't I don't 
  have like a solid plan in mind yet but that's definitely 
  something on my sort of on my radar indefinitely in my work plan 
  for the next couple of months.
Kerri Lemoie:  Thanks that's great we'll put you there and I'm 
  appreciate having your contact info in there.
Kerri Lemoie:  And then we have a pillow.
<deb_everhart> nothing like volunteering other people ;-)
PL: Yeah I just wanted to to link as I think I said before I'll 
  swear to that the selective disclosure to me is also linked to 
  protocol the protocol discussion because we haven't yet as far as 
  I can tell Dimitri you may know more about this talked about the 
  way in which the protocol itself elicits a back-and-forth 
  dialogue in disclosure more information.
PL:  in.
PL: No.
PL: In an automated fashion or at least out of automated mediated 
<dmitri_zagidulin> +1, yeah, definitely related to protocol
Kerri Lemoie:  Dmitri says yes definitely related to protocol I 
  also added proof methods there as a reminder.
Kerri Lemoie:  .
PL: Another one of the things I am interested in this personal 
  storage in terms of locations where evidence might be started so 
  I'm not love to have someone else were several others the 
  interest we are interested in in that join join on that one but 
  I'll at least put my name down.
PL: .
Kerri Lemoie:  .
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay this is the spreadsheet is accessible to all 
  of you you can add to it if you would like you can consider 
  looking at these what I'm going to do over the course of this 
  week and next is actually create the issues and put the links in 
  the spreadsheet and I can send an email when that's done and you 
  can go and sort of read the descriptions and ask questions even 
  that's a great way to participate like if the content is it makes 
  sense to you and you want to know more it's okay to put that in 
  the comments.
Kerri Lemoie:  For those of you who don't use GitHub regularly.
Kerri Lemoie:  You will need an.
Kerri Lemoie:  To do this but it's just like an account anywhere 
  you won't need to use your download code or anything like that 
  you can just use it as a common commenter and to be able to view 
  what's going on.
<pl> The spreadsheet is comment only permissions.
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay the queue is empty and this is what I wanted 
  to get started on today so that we can keep things moving does 
  anybody have anything else.
<sharon_leu> Thanks!
Dmitri Zagidulin:  Thank you so much Gary.
Kerri Lemoie:  Okay well then that's called meeting and I hope 
  you all have a great week and see you soon thank you.
Kerri Lemoie:  .
<frank> thank you
<deb_everhart> thanks all!
PL: Thanks.
<chris_kelly_(dif)> Thanks all!
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