Re: Identosphere CCG special Issue

Thanks, Kaliya and Infominer, for putting this together.  It's a great
summary.  Let's support Kaliya's work via patreon
<> so that we can keep getting good
content (no, I am not paid or asked to say this).


On Wed, Dec 7, 2022 at 8:41 AM Kaliya Identity Woman <> wrote:

> Infominer, my collaborator in producing the Identosphere Weekly summary of
> SSI and beyond has put together a special issue of the Identosphere
> newsletter with a review of highlights
> <>
> from the last year at CCG. One of his great gifts is really summarizing and
> capturing the overall essence of things and I think he has done a great job
> that deserved to be shared with the community.
> We have now been publishing for two years. We are going to put our regular
> weekly issue #111 today. If you want to
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> <> its free!
> We are working on creating some more content like this summary for our
> patreon <> and paypal
> <>
> subscribers.
> If you enjoy the newsletter and have end of year left-over monies you
> could spend on something like a one time contribution
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> welcome that.
> If you want your personal blog or company blog to be included in our blog
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> It is public and is another resource for the community as well.
> - Kaliya

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