RE: PROPOSED WORK ITEM: DID-Linked Resources Specification

If we’re going to have an open discussion about query languages for DID-based resources (including full CRUD) operations), I would like DIDLANG to be given some consideration:

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Hey Daniel,

I certainly agree that a call before the holidays would be useful to make sure that we're not duplicating efforts and coming up with conflicting solutions. Taking a quick look at the Decentralized Web Node spec, there is definitely overlap in how you're using collections and presenting metadata for resources; and differences in how you're using queries via the "service" section vs how we're using "linkedResourceMetadata".

I'll ping you separately and we can organise a call to discuss and align the different approaches.

FYI we've also made significant progress in our approach and have fully resolvable DID URLs for resources working on cheqd. See for example the IIW logo as a resouce pulled from the cheqd mainnet here:

and fully returned DID Document here with associated linkedResource metadata:

On Wed, 7 Dec 2022 at 13:14, Daniel Buchner <<>> wrote:
I'll note that the goal of this proposed work item is the very crux of what we're building in the joint DIF/W3C Decentralized Web Nodes work item, which enables all objects, file types, schemas, etc., to be addressed in a DID-relative way that delivers an implicit, inferrential API without any need to craft things specific to a given set of objects/files. Given this is already a joint work item of the the two orgs, can we first examine it and do a call about how it delivers on the stated goals of this proposal, and/or modify it to do so?

There will be 1:1 overlap if we spin up a new work item to do the same thing, and it would be unfortunate if we created competing efforts almost immediately as a solution/spec is in the later stages of development.

How about a call to review sometime before the holidays or just after in January?

- Daniel

On Tue, Dec 6, 2022, 7:56 PM Alex Tweeddale <<>> wrote:
Dear CCG,

The formal new work item proposal is in the GitHub issue below:

We are proposing to establish a new work item focussed on creating a W3C specification for DID-Linked Resources, which will tie in closely with the existing DID Resolution spec.

This work aims to create a standardized way of referencing, dereferencing and fetching digital resources (schemas, trust & status lists, visual representations of Verifiable Credentials, governance documents, logos).

We aim to achieve this by associating digital resources with Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and organizing in DID-Linked Collections, where each individual resource is identifiable through its own DID URL.

Previous work on this topic, leading to this new work item:

- (cheqd) Context for DID-Linked Resources<>
- (cheqd) Technical composition of DID-Linked Resources<>
- (ToIP) Trust over IP Draft Specification on DID-Linked Resources, to be superseded by the W3C work item<>

Looking forward to getting this kicked off!



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