Re: Initial did:key interoperability test suite launched

On Mon, Aug 29, 2022 at 12:38 AM Markus Sabadello <> wrote:
> Regarding "getting a jump-start on a DID Resolution test suite", there is already such a test suite:

+1, apologies for the miscommunication on my part. What I was trying
to say was that "implementers could get a jump-start on integrating
with *a* nascent DID Resolution test suite". The ultimate DID
Resolution test suite will be the one that Markus points to above.
Implementers can get the simplest "Read" test working by integrating
with the did:key Method test suite, and then integrating with the more
complete DID Resolution test suite above when they want to be fully
compliant with the DID Resolution specification.

> I think we should contribute this to CCG too.


Is there a place where the test results are run on a regular basis
with a output report (we'll need that for the implementation report at
W3C, if that's where we want to send the DID Resolution

> Sometimes the boundary between a DID method test suite (such as did:key) and a DID Resolution test suite is debatable, e.g. I raised an issue which lists a few tests that in my opinion should be moved from the did:key test suite to the DID Resolution test suite, since they test something that's not method-specific:

Yes, agreed that those are generalized tests, and as you said it's
debatable where they should go. The options include:

1. In the DID Resolution test suite.

2. In each DID Method test suite (as a basic sanity check since the
requirements come for DID Core).

3. In both places.

We put it in the did:key Method test suite because we wanted to make
sure that the DID Document followed the normative requirements in DID
Core as well as those layered in the did:key Method specification.

I've put the text above in the issue tracker, in the issue you raised.
Thanks for the clarifications, Markus... it's good to see progress
across all of these areas. :)

-- manu

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