Re: Initial did:key interoperability test suite launched

Why does the test suite rely use http? Does this mean that I need to run
and maintain a server to prove that my implementation conforms to the spec?


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On Fri, Aug 26, 2022 at 15:58:04, Manu Sporny <>

> TL;DR: We now have an initial test suite for did:key that uses the DID
> Resolution API. Thank you to Andrew Jones and Danube Tech for working with
> us on this!
> Hi Credentials CG (bcc: DID WG, VC WG),
> One of the criticisms that was levied against the Decentralized
> Identifiers specification by Google, Mozilla, and Apple was a lack of
> demonstrable interoperability among DID Methods. We started taking the
> first steps towards remedying that today with the release of a test suite
> architecture that can test did:key. The architecture can and will be
> expanded to other DID Methods in the future. We currently have two
> implementations demonstrating a basic level of interop (Danube Tech and
> Digital Bazaar):
> Like all nascent test suites, there is still work to be done.
> Implementations will need to be updated and debates will need to be had
> about details. There will need to be tests that are added for the new
> Multikey types, publicKeyJwk key conversion, key formats such as ones that
> BBS will use, post-quantum key formats, and other things that did:key will
> eventually support. That said, it's a start, and is designed to help us
> with the next iteration of the DID WG, one which will hopefully include the
> standardization of at least a handful of DID Methods we have consensus on,
> such as did:key and did:web, at the W3C.
> If you would like to integrate with the test suite, it's fairly easy to
> do. You just need to partially implement one DID Resolution API endpoint
> (resolve) and then follow these instructions to add your endpoint to the
> test suite here:
> If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to
> share them on the CCG mailing list.
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