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On Sun, Aug 14, 2022 at 3:12 PM Mike Prorock <> wrote:
> Want us to write up some of the Food Safety and Agriculture use cases we have?  If so is that a good doc to PR against?

Yes please, and yes.

The Authorized Issuers List was meant to be a sharply focused VC (not
attempting to tackle the breadth of what "trust registries" are trying
to do. Though, at this point, we should be concerned about significant
work happening in multiple places -- ToIP, RWoT, VCWG, DIF, and ESSIF.
As we've all experienced over the last several years, this seems
almost unavoidable, so perhaps we can optimize for something each of
those venues needs?

Perhaps what we should do is turn the RWoT exercise into a use cases
and requirements gathering/refinement exercise, perhaps with some
exploration wrt. what technologies/approaches already exist. Perhaps
the discussion of what is out of scope is almost as important as what
is in scope... and then we can feed that work back into at least the
five venues above and go from there?

Does anyone know if ToIP, DIF, or ESSIF have a use cases and
requirements document for authorized issuer lists / trust registries
(in general)?

-- manu

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