Re: VC,CBOR-LD, DID - Java Open Source Libraries


This is great... We also have some Java libraries with DID/VC 
functionality, did-common-java 
<>, cborld-java 

I look forward to comparing and more interop testing; the more 
implementation experience we get as a community, the better.

BTW our libraries are also based on your Titanium JSON-LD 
<>, which is excellent!!


On 09.08.22 00:22, Filip Kolarik wrote:
> Hi,
> I just want to share open source implementations in Java supporting VC 
> processing:
> Iron VCs <>
> Supports Ed2519Signature2020 issuing/verifying, DID keys, and is 
> interoperable with Danube Tech and Digital Bazaar. See 
> Interoperability Report 
> <>.
> Iridium CBOR-LD <>
> The goal is to provide modular compressor/decompressor allowing to 
> implement/experiment with/ various compression algorithms producing 
> CBOR based output. Implements @digitalbazaar/cborld compatibility mode.
> Carbon DIDs <>
> Provides DID, DID URL, did:key, Java APIs. Is used by Iron and Iridium.
> Your feedback is very appreciated! Please feel free to contact me 
> and/or open a new issue, a feature request.
> Best regards,
> Filip

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