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Re: CHAPI protocol flow diagrams (was: Re: Progress check on this thread)

From: Manu Sporny <msporny@digitalbazaar.com>
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2022 14:19:44 -0400
To: "public-credentials@w3.org" <public-credentials@w3.org>
Message-ID: <0b5dbe10-203f-e11f-2869-1e4dcac816bb@digitalbazaar.com>
On 4/3/22 2:06 PM, Brian Richter wrote:
> Manu, can you define "mediators" in this discussion?

Yes, we need to find a better term... even "wallet mediator" isn't descriptive

A "mediator", as used in CHAPI, is a piece of software that enables a Holder
to choose which "digital wallet" they want to use for a particular transaction.

This is in stark contrast to how social login works today, where you are
typically only given 3-4 fixed/centralized choices: Login with

A mediator typically supports registration, selection, and deregistration. It
also has other properties, like preventing an Issuer or a Verifier from
discovering what Wallet the Holder is using (one strategy for preserving a
competitive ecosystem).

A mediator is what enables digital wallet choice in the SSI ecosystem when you
want to invoke a digital wallet, regardless of whether it is a web app or a
native app, on the same device (such as your laptop). A mediator is agnostic
to the messages flowing over the communication channel.

At present, CHAPI is used in the Verifiable Credentials ecosystem to select a
wallet provider. It could also be used to select from among your OIDC providers.

> In Aries / DIDComm land this term is used for agents that route messages
> to agents that are often offline however I suspect you are using it in a 
> different way.

The meaning in CHAPI is slightly different. CHAPI is used to route messages to
agents without a consideration to whether or not they're offline (e.g., CHAPI
can work in both offline and online scenarios since it's purely client-side
technology that lives in the browser).

Does that help, Brian?

-- manu

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