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[MINUTES] W3C Verifiable Credentials VC-EDU Call - 2021-09-20

From: Kerri Lemoie <klemoie@concentricsky.com>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 14:04:23 -0400
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To: Credentials Community Group <public-credentials@w3.org>
Thanks to Jim Goodell for scribing this week! The minutes
for this week's CCG Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force telecon are now available:


Full text of the discussion follows for W3C archival purposes.
Audio from the meeting is available as well (link provided below).

CCG Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force Telecon Minutes for 2021-09-21

  1. Agenda Review
  2. IP Note
  3. Call Notes
  4. Scribe Selection
  5. Announcements & Reminders
  6. Introductions & Reintroductions
  7. Charter & Scope Discussion
  Kerri Lemoie and Anthony Camilleri
  Jim Goodell
  Kerri Lemoie, Anthony Camilleri, Martin Kuo, Wesley, Phil Long, 
  Stuart Freeman, Sharon Leu, Heather Vescent, Dmitri Zagidulin, 
  Jim Goodell, Matt Lisle, Marty Reed, Steve Traugott, Phil Barker, 
  Simone Ravaoli, Matthias Gottlieb, Steve Gance, David Ward, Bob 
  Wyman, Nate Otto, Phil Archer, Anthony Ronning

Topic: Agenda Review

Topic: IP Note

Kerri Lemoie: https://www.w3.org/community/about/agreements/cla/
Kerri Lemoie: https://w3c-ccg.github.io/meetings/

Topic: Call Notes

Topic: Scribe Selection

<jim_goodell> I will
Jim Goodell is scribing.
Kerri Lemoie: https://w3c-ccg.github.io/announcements/

Topic: Announcements & Reminders

<jim_goodell> Tomorrow regular CCG call resumes
Kerri Lemoie: Ack: Phil_L_(P1)
<jim_goodell> Announcement from Phil: On 27th meeting of LER 
  Network 3:30 pm ET
<jim_goodell> John joined - from pocket initiative

Topic: Introductions & Reintroductions

<jim_goodell> Heather V. co-chair from CCG reintroduced. CCG is 
  one of the largest community groups in the W3C
<jim_goodell> Heather - Has consultancy ...making tech 
  understandable to non-technologists, published book(s?)... Also 
  spearheaded outreach from CCG. Here today to answer questions 
  bout process and how work of this task force fits with CCG.
Kerri Lemoie: 
<wesley> Very helpful, thank you Heather and Kerri!

Topic: Charter & Scope Discussion

Kerri Lemoie:  Good time to review charter and work of this 
  group...sharing slides. [scribe assist by Jim Goodell]
<phil_l_(p1)> Does everyone have access to the google slides via 
  the link?
<matthias_gottlieb> works
<jim_goodell> VC-EDU anchored in Digital Credentials Consortium 
<jim_goodell> LER Wrapper informed progress and then current 
  focus on single achievements and considering what next...
<jim_goodell> Task force produces work items / reports. This task 
  force can end at any time. There may be a final report for the 
<heather_vescent> Work Item Process: 
Heather Vescent:  2 Kinds of work items and two kinds of 
  deliverables. Ongoing community draft is a deliverable that is 
  never finished vs. Community Report which most likely has a final 
  draft. [scribe assist by Jim Goodell]
<phil_l_(p1)> Nice description Heather
Kerri Lemoie: Ack: Heather_Vescent
Kerri Lemoie:  Modeling Ed. Verifiable Credentials - may be a 
  finalized draft vs. use cases may be ongoing. [scribe assist by 
  Jim Goodell]
Heather Vescent:  It can be a double edge sword. The charter can 
  be reworked to change what category and deliverables, there is 
  flexibility [scribe assist by Jim Goodell]
<phil_l_(p1)> It's precisely these periodic discussions that 
  helps the community understand it's a living, active 
  conversation, and so the documentation of it needs this apace and 
Kerri Lemoie: Ack: Marty_Reed
Kerri Lemoie:  Proposes revising charter to 1) specify that we 
  meet on Jitsi, 2) about recording and that meeting minutes 
  distributed to the CCG mailing list. (Reviewed key points from 
  current charter) [scribe assist by Jim Goodell]
Marty Reed:  Raise question about definition of "consensus" 
  [scribe assist by Jim Goodell]
<anthonyfcamilleri> According to ISO/IEC Guide 2:2004 
  Standardization and related activities – General vocabulary, 
  consensus is “General agreement, characterized by the absence 
  of sustained opposition to substantial issues by any important 
  part of the concerned interests and by a process that involves 
  seeking to take into account the views of all parties concerned 
  and to reconcile any conflicting arguments.ž
Kerri Lemoie: Ack: Anthony
Kerri Lemoie: Ack: Heather_Vescent
<heather_vescent> CCG Call: 
<jim_goodell> Heather will share a link with information from the 
  CCG group and Anthony shared definition (will share link?) (one 
  objection - may have consensus, small opposing group may not mean 
<jim_goodell> See Anthony's definition from ISE/IEC above
Kerri Lemoie: Ack: Heather_Vescent
<jim_goodell> Kerri ask for objections about using 
  https://www.w3.org/2020/Process-20200915/#Consensus as a guide 
  for this group. There were no objections.
Kerri Lemoie:  Suggests broadening scope per charter to  [scribe 
  assist by Jim Goodell]
Kerri Lemoie: Ack:Jim_Goodell
<jim_goodell> Difference is in the modeling doc, broader scope
Kerri Lemoie: Ack: Jim_Goodell
Kerri Lemoie: Ack: Phil_L_(P1)
Kerri Lemoie:  Work can start narrower and then broaden with new 
  work items [scribe assist by Jim Goodell]
Phil Archer:  Some of the groups we are involved in are standards 
  groups and some work is being done to explore innovation outside 
  of standards groups, but then those innovations might go through 
  a formal process within SDOs (paraphrased) [scribe assist by Jim 
Kerri Lemoie: Ack: Anthony
Kerri Lemoie:  We can recognize other work being done in other 
  groups and note alignment [scribe assist by Jim Goodell]
Anthony Ronning:  Some of the work done here is not 
  education-specific. Is there any way for our group to make 
  recommendations to the overall CGG standards rather than keep at 
  the VC-EDU level? [scribe assist by Jim Goodell]
Heather Vescent:  Yes. [scribe assist by Jim Goodell]
Kerri Lemoie: Ack: Phil_L_(P1)
<jim_goodell> Kerri brought up example of Verifiable 
  Presentations based on aggregate credentials representing more 
  granular achievements as VPs
<heather_vescent> Verifiable Presentation Request Specification 
  Work Item:
<heather_vescent> This was a use case that did not have enough 
  owners so it not active: 
<anthonyfcamilleri> one use case I will add for sure: 
  Accreditation/Trusted Issuers. If I remember properly from other 
  calls, I'm not the only one for that?
Kerri Lemoie: Ack: kerri_lemoie
Kerri Lemoie:  Community Report Draft should focus on Focus on 
  native alignment to the VC Data Model  [scribe assist by Jim 
<nate_otto_(badgr/csky)> Does a task force of a community group 
  have the authority to use the word "standard"?
<john_kuo> Thank you Kerri I have to drop but this is excellent 
Kerri Lemoie:  Charter has clause about 'minimum disruption' that 
  she suggests should probably come out because we are  disruptive 
  space [scribe assist by Jim Goodell]
<kerri_lemoie> klemoie@concentricsky.com
Kerri Lemoie: Ack: Heather_Vescent
<phil_l_(p1)> Nice Job JIm on the notetaking!
<heather_vescent> My pleasure!
<phil_l_(p1)> Bye
<simone> Thank you Kerri !
<heather_vescent> Great job Kerri!
<matthias_gottlieb> Thx, bb
<kerri_lemoie> Thanks all!

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