Re: Does the W3C still believe in Tim Berners-Lee's vision of decentralization?

W3C's latest effort to get a foothold in the payment space (their previous efforts silently fell off the radar), effectively depends on that a handful of dominating vendors like Stripe, provide merchants with proprietary checkout methods.

When I showed that a distributed system would not only work equally well, but considerably better, I became a "Persona non grata" and have subsequently been disconnected from both the payment WG mailing list and GitHub.

That Apple's and Google's own products build on the same concept I'm advocating (modulo dependencies on specific service providers), makes the motives behind this effort quite shady.

W3C's idea that physical world payments and Web payments should use different protocols, is not shared by the payment industry in general.


Received on Wednesday, 13 October 2021 07:53:27 UTC