Re: W3C Formal Objections: When Powerful Corporations Play Both Sides

On 10/12/21 12:25 PM, Siegman, Tzviya wrote:
> I am concerned with Manu's representation of the FO Council in his
> document. It is very much a work in progress.

Apologies if I have misrepresented anything, that's certainly not my intent,
and I'm spending a good chunk of this week updating the FAQ[1] to reflect
things we're learning along the way from the W3C AC and AB.

For example, I have learned that the Formal Objection Council document that
the DID WG was using to consider their options:

...was the wrong document (even though it doesn't say it's out of date or
direct you to the new document). It turns out this is the latest document on
the W3C Formal Objection Council:

... but it's experimental, with active discussion happening here:

... if there is ever a concern of misrepresentation, please point out exactly
where so I can fix it. The FAQ is a Github repo; PRs welcome:

-- manu


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