TPAC 2021 - 18-22 October sessions available

Dear Advisory Committee Representative,
Chairs, Working Groups and Community Groups who intend to meet (bcc’ed),
AB, TAG, Evangelists, W3C Chapters,

The breakout sessions, social events and sponsors sessions from 18 to 22 October have now been published:

To attend these sessions, we remind that you need to register at:

Further instructions will then be sent to connect to our virtual event platform.
Please also take a moment to watch the video that will give all the details you will need to participate:

On the virtual attendee hub, you will be able to build your own calendar with the sessions you wish to attend.
Please note that the schedule of the sessions might still change. Make sure that you add the sessions you are interested in, in your personal calendar. A notification will be sent to you
if a session is a modified.

For further information about TPAC, please go to:

We also thank the TPAC Sponsors for their support:
Title Sponsor: Coil
Media Sponsor: Legible
Silver exhibitor: Movement for an open web
Bronze exhibitor: Igalia

Best regards,
Alexandra Lacourba
W3C Events Coordinator

Received on Tuesday, 12 October 2021 13:10:40 UTC