ATTENTION CCG LIST LURKERS!1! Talk to us, was Re: CCG 101 questionnaire

Psss. hi. Our community has 440 members, but only 12 of you have responded.
*sad face*

This survey is fast and fun, and will help us improve the CCG experience
for you - especially if you are a lurker and want to engage with this
community/the tech being built here. You're already taking a break reading
this email, so just click the link! It's only 2 minutes (or less) of your

The CCG 101 group appreciates you!

On Tue, Jun 8, 2021 at 2:41 AM Victor Syntez <> wrote:

> Dear CCG member,
> Couple weeks ago you should have received CCG101 questionnaire. We
> created the questionnaire with the goal to have your feedback and
> consideration on how CCG can help members become engaging contributors.
> We really need you to complete it and help us increase participation of
> CCG members in current and future CCG projects.
> You can find the questionnaire following this link:
> Please, fill out this questionnaire if you haven't done so! We would
> like your ideas how we can highlight current CCG projects and give a
> glimpse of future developments. You will have a possibility to complete
> the survey anonymously. If you are willing to share your name and email,
> there may be items we would like to understand in more detail and we
> will follow up with them to you.
> Best regards,
> --
> Victor Syntez
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