Announce: CCG Co-Chair Election: March 10, 2021

Greetings & Salutations,

This message is the formal announcement of the 2021 CCG Co-Chair election
on March 10, 2021, which under our charter kicks off a two-week nomination
process, from today, Feb 9 through Feb 23, 2021. Kim Hamilton Duffy is
completing her term and vacating her seat. The open seat is a 3 year term.
Details on the election process can be found in the charter:

Nominations and voting are open to all current CCG members as of this
election announcement of today, Feb 9, 2021.

Anyone who wishes to hold a chair position must self-nominate by sending an
email to this mailing list (Credentials Community Group: with the following information by EOD Feb 23,
2021, Pacific time zone

1. Your name and affiliation (if any)
2. A brief statement of background and why you would like to be chair

On the Feb 24, 2021 CCG call, we will host an opportunity for the
candidates to offer a brief statement, and for CCG members to ask questions
of the candidates. This is not required, but will be the formal opportunity
for a discussion with potential future chairs.

The Co-Chair job description is here:

Per the 2021 charter amendment, voting will be conducted as ranked choice.
Anyone who is a member of the CCG by the election announcement, today, Feb
9, 2021 is eligible to vote. The election will be overseen by existing
co-chairs Heather Vescent & Wayne Chang along with Ivan Herman. We will
solicit additional witnesses from the community. Details on the voting
procedure will be announced on or before Feb 24, 2021.

- Election Announce: 2/9/2021
-- Must be an official member of CCG to vote in the election by 2/9/2021
-- Must be an official member of the CCG to self-nominate by 2/9/2021
- Nomination period: 2/9/2021-2/23/2021
- Candidates speak at CCG meeting: 2/24/2021
- Voting Opens: 3/10/2021
- Voting Closes: 3/17/2021 11:59pm Pacific Time Zone
- Election Results: by Monday 3/22/2021 EOD Pacific Time Zone
- New Chair Starts: 3/24/2021

We look forward to your nominations.

Kim, Wayne & Heather, CCG Co-Chairs

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