DIF Grant #1: JWS Test Suite .. with specific references to the JSON-JSON-LD Divide

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Pamela Dingle, co-chair of the Interoperability WG, identified a recurring theme in conversations about interoperability across the great “JSON”/”JSON-LD” divide: while considerable cross-vendor, cross-stack alignment had happened over the last years to address many other aspects of credential exchange and identifier resolution, “translation issues” and varying interpretations of the JSON sections of the VC data model specification lead to divergent ways of structuring, defining, signing, and parsing VCs in JWT form. The kinds of signature suite definitions that define Linked Data Proofs made strange bedfellows with the in-built mechanisms of JWT, which were hardened and commoditized earlier. This results in a slightly “balkanized” landscape of VC-JWTs that make different concessions to the expectations of JSON-LD-native parsers and systems.

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