Create GNAP authorization specification for VC HTTP API (was: Re: Request for CCG Chair Intervention in CCG Process)

On 8/22/21 5:38 AM, David Chadwick wrote:
>> I propose a new (separate) document be created for this purpose, and for 
>> that document to be discussed on dedicated (separate) calls.

Given that there now seems to be more than just Orie suggesting this approach,
Orie can you please restate as a concrete proposal that we can take up on a
future call?

I'm assuming you mean something like this?

PROPOSAL: A new, separate document will be created to define how GNAP is
applied to the VC HTTP API for the purposes of authorization. The Editor(s) of
that specification will be NAME(S) and there will be separate calls to discuss
topics related to that specification.

-- manu

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