FYI: What makes a standard ‘world class’?


What makes a standard ‘world class’?

It is not easy to say exactly what makes one standard better than another, but the following points are probably the most important:

  *   A world class standard should have well-defined objectives that respond to real needs in a timely manner.
  *   Its technical content should be complete and accurate.
  *   It should be easy to understand (or as easy as the subject matter allows!) and easy to implement.
  *   Its requirements should be expressed clearly and unambiguously.
  *   It should be validated.
  *   It should be well-maintained.


I recommend that these 6 points be used as “exit criteria” for all W3C specifications/standards efforts.  For example, I don’t believe we have met this bar with the VC Data Model 1.0 specification (

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