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On 4/19/21 9:24 AM, Leonard Rosenthol wrote:
> One thing that struck me was that in the one Architecture example, it 
> assumes a browser is involved.  Is that just for that example or is that 
> expected?

It is purely for example.

I tried to be very careful when wording that slide: "Architecture Example..."
-- that is, one of many examples. I was specifically trying to use an
architectural layout that I believe has some amount of consensus and avoid
stomping on other less discussed architectures.

Other architectures include considering peer-to-peer,
client-to-central-server, use of DIDComm, optical carrier, creation and
verification of presentations, etc.

> I have a number of use cases that are either direct client->server or 
> server->server and want to make sure they are supported.

Yes, and this is what we need to document and discuss in the use cases and
requirements document.

> I assume that's why the use case/requirements documents., but just 
> checking...

Your assumption is spot on. :)

-- manu

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