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On 4/7/21 5:59 PM, Balázs Némethi wrote:
>> To put it another way -- the CCG can't operate like some WGs do in DIF.
> I would like to know what DIF WGs do you refer to.

I went searching and found this (note, very difficult to find):

...not a transcript to be found...

and this:

Which lists groups in the drop down that don't exist in the list.

Scanning the list... I don't see any recent recordings for the Authentication
WG... or the Glossary WG. Looks like transcription is broken (or people are
not publishing minutes?)

I'm concerned about shoddy minute/transcript hygiene carrying over to the CCG
work items... because that sort of thing isn't looked upon favourably at W3C
and easily opens ALL of us up to attack from companies that don't want the
work to proceed. You don't want to experience a patent skirmish at W3C... it's
not fun, and it delays the work by months to years.

-- manu

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