SSI - short survey

Dear Credentials Community Group.

I hope not to interupt you too much with such a mail, but since this is one of the few places I know I will find suitable professionals on the topic of credential's and SSI topic, I would kindly ask you to take the following request as cordial as possible.

At Blockchain Lab:UM (University of Maribor), one of the PhD students is conducting a survey in order to obtain information on the perception of Self-Sovereign Identity (#SSI<>) properties by professional who are familliar with this field.

Therefore, I have a kind request for all those of you who are familiar with the #selfsovereignidentity<> paradigm to take the following short survey and help us find some new insights, which could be interesting to all of the SSI community:

Self-sovereign identity properties - 1KA | Web surveys <>

The survey will take a max 15min of your time.

Thank you in advance for your valueable time!


Muhamed Turkanović

Received on Wednesday, 7 April 2021 21:15:13 UTC