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[W3C-CCG] Infrastructure Task Force: Call for Objections

From: Wayne Chang <wyc@fastmail.fm>
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2020 15:35:08 -0500
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Hi all, 3 weeks ago we proposed the Infrastructure Task Force under the community group. We are evolving as an organization and wish to support a growing number of work items and their requirements, allowing community members to be successful in their efforts. Much of this burden has been shouldered by an ad-hoc patchwork of volunteer effort, personal credit cards, and impromptu work sessions. This is an opportunity to create a clear pathway to involvement and commitment of effort, thus bringing clear expectations and inclusive involvement opportunities to help with these responsibilities.

You can find the proposal here:

I welcome community members to leave feedback in support or opposition as a direct reply to this email thread or within the GitHub issue itself. Without a sustained objection within 7 days, I will move to create this task force.

- Wayne
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