Re: Side project: JSON-LD checker

Here is the source code for ESLint VC Code Extension:

You would probably want to prompt the user to allow each context to be
cached, but I assume that extensions have some place to cache things like

In future, `.jsonld` files might recommend you install such an extension,
and give you tooling similar to:

... but for contexts other than :)

We use this tool to ensure that JSON-LD VCs are valid regardless of if they
are used in an LD Proof or JWT.

And as I say this.... I note that we currently (as of
don't pass a document loader to the check function.... which means the
remote contexts are all automatically downloaded...

We need to update this tool to use and make it
take a custom documentLoader explicitly :)


On Mon, Aug 17, 2020 at 9:14 AM Manu Sporny <>

> On 8/17/20 8:53 AM, Guillaume wrote:
> > Thought we'd share with the community, feedback welcome!
> Guillaume, this is awesome! Super helpful... basically, a JSON-LD
> linting tool (which we've needed for years).
> I'm wondering if there is a way to merge this into some sort of VS Code
> / jslint framework eventually.
> Great start, really useful set of tooling, thank you! :)
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