Side project: JSON-LD checker


At Transmute we found that as we update our JSON-LD credentials, sometimes
we don't update the corresponding context and some properties end up being
undocumented, making the credential not signable (because invalid JSON-LD)

Therefore we created a tool to check credentials (and other JSON-LD
objects) automatically:

JSON-LD checker is a JS SDK and a web app to check JSON-LD objects, with
the following features:
- Paste a JSON and check if it's valid JSON-LD and that all the properties
are documented in the context
- Paste the url pointing to a file and check that all JSON objects in the
files are valid
- (Experimental) Paste the URL of a github repo and check that all JSON
objects in all files of the repo are valid
- Shareable URLs

Thought we'd share with the community, feedback welcome!

Guillaume from Transmute

Received on Monday, 17 August 2020 12:54:47 UTC