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Re: [MINUTES] W3C Credentials CG Call - 2020-04-21 12pm ET

From: Stephen Curran <swcurran@cloudcompass.ca>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2020 13:33:59 -0700
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I get a 404 for the audio file -

Is it still to be posted or did something break?


On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 1:26 PM W3C CCG Chairs <w3c.ccg@gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks to Kelly Cooper for scribing this week! The minutes
> for this week's Credentials CG telecon are now available:
> https://w3c-ccg.github.io/meetings/2020-04-21/
> Full text of the discussion follows for W3C archival purposes.
> Audio from the meeting is available as well (link provided below).
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Credentials CG Telecon Minutes for 2020-04-21
> Agenda:
>   undefined
> Organizer:
>   Christopher Allen and Joe Andrieu and Kim Hamilton Duffy
> Scribe:
>   Kelly Cooper
> Present:
>   Moses Ma, Eric Welton, Justin Richer, Joe Andrieu, Adrian
>   Gropper, Heather Vescent, Jonathan Holt, Christopher Allen,
>   Markus Sabadello, Kaliya Young, Taylor Kendall, Orie Steele,
>   Kelly Cooper, Nate Otto, Chris Winczewski, Tom S, Jeff Orgel,
>   Adam Lemmon, Joel Hartshorn, Drummond Reed, Kim Hamilton Duffy,
>   Michael Herman
> Audio:
>   https://w3c-ccg.github.io/meetings/2020-04-21/audio.ogg
> Moses Ma: Are we still doing that?
> Joe Andrieu: Noise
> Orie Steele: Inaudible.
> Orie Steele: Rofl...
> Qq+
> Heather Vescent: Not available
> Kelly Cooper: This is Kelly, I can scribe
> Thanks Kelly
> Kelly Cooper: Cooper
> Kelly Cooper: I'm here with Rules - Drummond
> I am
> Kelly Cooper: Introductions: Reintroductions. First time on
>   call... This is the credentials community group of the W3c.
>   Several attendees are working with the C-19 initiative to update
>   on what we are working on. The group is new to the call. Lucy
>   Yang - C-19 Communications Stream.
> Jonathan Holt: I can re-introduce myself and my new role
> I used such interface about 20 years ago, rusty now. just prompt
>   me when to chime in as co-lead of the CCI Use Case workgroup.
> Kelly Cooper: Eric Shiel - New to the call, works in blockchain.
>   Kevin Poulson - through C-19. Not a stranger to the group.
>   Monitors activities - discussions about digital signatures. Here
>   today about C-19 defencer.
> Kelly Cooper: As part of introductions - pick one person -
>   Johnathan Holt. Medical professional - working on IP ID DID
>   method. Chief med officer of Consensys Health.
> Congratulations Mr. Crunch!
> Joe Andrieu: https://w3c-ccg.github.io/announcements/
> Yes
> Kelly Cooper: Announcements and Reminders. Upcoming event - IIW
>   next week (April 28-30). Kaliya - host IIW virtually. Begin with
>   grand opening circle - as we do IRL. Start at 8:00 PST. Co-create
>   agenda live. Infrastructure, digital with breakout rooms, demo
>   hours, fortuitous with activity going on around C-19 and
>   user-centric ways to move forward in the work.
> Kelly Cooper: Kaliya-committed to accessibility. Range of prices
>   - costs $ to run virtually. Welcome everyone to join and
>   collaborate and move industry forward.
> Kaliya Young: http://www.internetidentityworkshop.com
> Kaliya Young: Registration -
> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/internet-identity-workshop-iiwxxx-30-2020a-tickets-79016788341
> Kelly Cooper: Gurvinder - intro - Founder CEO Digital Twin Labs -
>   consulting services blockchain. Previous IBM blockchain and cloud
>   unit - enterprise CTO. Has worked with, talked with others on
>   call with MIT Labs, etc.
> Kelly Cooper: Adrian - announcement. Placed link to a one-page
>   summary - group is making an effort to demonstrate how people
>   will issue immunity passports - if they knew how to (if tech is
>   in place, not yet). Missing piece of credentials process because
>   the infrastructure that allows these things to interoperate and
>   create network effect probably needs to be done locally, rather
>   than at the nation level. Contact me directly, maybe discuss more
>   at IIW.
> Kelly Cooper: Adrian Gropper
> Joe Andrieu:
> https://github.com/w3c-ccg/community/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+label%3A%22action%3A+review+next%22
> Joe Andrieu: https://github.com/w3c-ccg/community/issues/114
> Orie Steele: Github is sometimes down...
> We just heard that on the last W3C call...
> Justin Richer: GitHub is having real issues right now, and it's
>   spotty what's up and down
> Kelly Cooper: Next up - quick review of action items. 1) New work
>   item proposal #114. Proposed by Anthony Ronning. emailed -
>   specification describes blockchain links as a method of
>   referencing blockchain based transactions in blocks. Former
>   message of pulling up, referencing, JSON based - URI approach to
>   referencing blockchain data. Current list of owners are Anthony
>   and Manu. Open for comments or feedback - suggestions.
> Error: (IRC nickname 'anthonyronning' not
>   recognized)[2020-04-21T16:29:34.993Z] <AnthonyRonning>        here's a
>   spec link https://www.blockcerts.org/blockchain-links/
> Since github is down
> Kaliya Young: Here is a new paper out today from Harvard's Ethics
>   center who is putting out a series on ethical responses to
>   COVID19. it mentions Verifiable Credentials and DIDs
>   specifically.
> Kaliya Young:
> https://ethics.harvard.edu/files/center-for-ethics/files/safracenterforethicswhitepaper8_01.pdf
> Kelly Cooper: Formal proposal within wheelhouse, mets
>   requirements.
> Kelly Cooper: Kaliya.New paper out by Harvard - mentions
>   credentials, from Center for ethics.
> Kelly Cooper: Interesting proposal - concepts look similar to DID
>   methods and ideas on how to point to specific cases on the
>   ledgers. Useful specification - supports.
> Yeah absolutely Chris, thank you
> Kelly Cooper: Christopher A - want to quickly say team will look
>   at the coding using on DID that has blockchain lock transaction
>   and index lock within the transaction - transactions can have
>   multiple parts. Not saying use - has been vetted, it will tell
>   you where in encoding ther's an error. Could be useful (acronym
>   details missed by scribe)
> Christopher Allen: +1
> Kelly Cooper: Adding a comment or a label saying approved - will
>   follow up next time.
> Kelly Cooper: Is there a repo or do we need to create? Yes, need
>   to create.
> https://www.covidcreds.com/ - COVID Credentials Initiatives
> Kelly Cooper: Moves from Action Items to Main Topic of the day -
>   several guests. Drummond - initial introductions. Lucy and group
>   are here . Once C-19 situation became serious (for all of us with
>   lockdowns), sort of a spontaneous generation throughout SSI
>   community - digital credentials we have been working on for years
>   - become important component of addressing challenges. Big thanks
>   to Tony Rose - helped get this going. Got people energized.
>   Started this community-organized
> Kelly Cooper: Initiative that is now the CCI initiative. Drummond
>   involved with Rules/Governance. One workstream Coordination and
>   Communication - Lucy Yang is the leader of.
> https://www.covidcreds.com/
> Kelly Cooper: Lucy: Thank you Drummond. Four colleagues - four
>   workstreams of the initiative. Today, update from each workstream
>   and scope. Talk about major progress and some of the top
>   priorities. Any thoughts regarding W3 collaboration. After,
>   welcome W3 site collaboration.
> Taylor Kendall:  Sporadic participant on this call. With Learning
>   Economy - around education and employment. Support mechanism.
>   Help with coordination - internal and external facing. Quick
>   high-level on Coordination. Broad overview of mission - promote
>   and legitimize SSI and Digital Identity. VC, as well as a way to
>   mitigate C-19 and reboot public trust. A lot of this started -
>   AMA Bill Gates - eventual time [scribe assist by Kelly Cooper]
> Kelly Cooper: Digital certificate - test - vaccine, recovery,
>   etc. Digital Identity.
> Kelly Cooper: Hope to promote use of technology and help with
>   reducing misinformation. Local and country solutions - aim to
>   support efforts, VCs, DIDs, technologies to those efforts. 200+
>   contributors across four core workstreams.
> Moses Ma: What are the four workstreams?
> Kelly Cooper: Four workstreams: Communication/Coordination, Use
>   Case, Rules/Governance, Tools
> Kelly Cooper: Gurvinder: Use Case - 70+ people, typically 40 on
>   call. Subgroups were organized (3), Healthcare (umbrella
>   specialty across entire CCI Initiative), SSI, Value + global
>   market and regulatory compliance.
> Kelly Cooper: Calibrate requirements for adopters. Switching to
>   content of use cases: Hypotheses on certain use cases,
>   prioritized/narrowed to 2-3 use cases. Web of Trust, Proof of
>   Immunity by Exposer and Vaccine, Dedicated verified use case.
> Kelly Cooper: Michael Corning - Tools workstream. 130 people
>   working - co-lead Paul Knowles. OCA and PC - one challenge - new
>   tech we don't know about due to specialization of SSI. Understand
>   geopolitical technology, then vendors, tools, technologies.
> Kelly Cooper: Michael - restart Sisters, OR economy - how much
>   risk do individuals have in particular economic circumstances.
>   Conceptual ideas on Tools team is interesting and useful;
>   however, priority is if economy open too soon, what data
>   management is needed to make rational decisions instead of
>   emotional
> Kelly Cooper: Tools - groups in field trying to implement.
>   Dedicated - Verified Use Case error. DELEGATED - Verified Use
>   Case.
> Kelly Cooper: Establish a way to have public health authorities
>   delegate to parties and test results are credentials for digital
>   wallet, to go back to work or start transacting business.
> Kelly Cooper: Tools/Technologies - working opportunities with W3
>   and DID to discuss tools and technologies - something to work
>   together and structure
> Drummond Reed:  Rules/Governance With any credential solution -
>   flipside of the tech is the governance. #1 goal - interoperable
>   verifiable credentials for C-19 use cases. Rules = a primary
>   tool. The group is self-organized led by Kelly and Chris.
>   Volunteers on SGF. 40 volunteers. Early version of outline of
>   first start GF - Principles and Core Policies. Closely
>   coordinated with Use Cases as they come in the queue. And
>   coordinate policy [scribe assist by Kelly Cooper]
> Kelly Cooper: Decisions relative to tools and usage. Early
>   emphasis - how do you trust Issuers? One of the first Gov
>   frameworks in Scope - how do Issuers be part of a trust community
>   and use something like a trust list, member directory, etc. How
>   can
> Kelly Cooper: They be bottom - up or in different juristictions
>   top - down. One thing emphasized, due to global jurisdictions,
>   internationally represented groups.
> Error: (IRC nickname 'drummond_' not
>   recognized)[2020-04-21T16:51:43.891Z] <drummond_>     Kelly Cooper:
>   the Rules group set up 4 geo co-leads around the world. The only
>   geo missing is South America right now.
> ...One of the goals of the Rules group is a highly readable
>   outside of identity or digital trust professionals...
> ...So the group is focused on documenting the relevant use cases
>   and making it understandable to a very wide audience, including
>   regulators.
> Note that will need to drop in a few mins to go to another
>   call...
> Kelly Cooper: Broader reading audience - CGF Credentials
>   Governance Framework - simple documents with links to Controlled
>   Documents and additional information.
> Kelly Cooper: Including DIF, Evernym, etc. Self organizing and
>   organizing initiatives. With Taylor, assemble meeting to make
>   sure we have visibility to coordinate workstreams.
> Kelly Cooper: Questions?
> Christopher Allen:
> https://github.com/ChristopherA/Lists-of-High-Signal-Low-Noise-Links/blob/master/ImmunityCredentials-VerifiableClaims-COVID19.md
> Kelly Cooper: Christopher A. Collecting information on location
>   privacy, immunity privacy - encourage links to specific proposals
>   and information - will add to this list. Immunity Credentials and
>   Verifiable Claims,
> Kelly Cooper: Christopher A. Didn't hear from work items, work on
>   the issues of a risk model, threat analysis, ethics, law,
>   technology problems. Everything in privacy considerations is a
>   starting point for threats but 20% of problem. Unique - mostly we
>   think of threats between issuer and subject. In this case
> Kelly Cooper: The Issuer, Subject, Verifiers are potentially
>   overwhelmed by public good or public harm. Much bigger problem,
>   interesting history (Ebola, Yellow Fever, HIV). Not seeing our
>   communities drive this risk model forward. Hoping with 60+
>   companies in group, will consider.
> Unfortunately I must leave the call now, but glad to have this
>   opportunity to talk with CCG.
> Kim Hamilton Duffy:
>   https://github.com/w3c-ccg/vc-examples/tree/master/docs
> Thanks Chris for bringing it up! We do have a subgroup working on
>   Privacy, Data Production and other important issues. We have come
>   up with a high-level guideline while dedicated person with each
>   workstream to ensure that being implemented
> Kim Hamilton Duffy:  Mention this is important work. One thing
>   that is confusing - new organization - every time we add without
>   IP agreements in place, effort to allow joint discussions.
>   Current efforts underway DIF stream focusing on C-19. Also C-19
>   credentials - question may not be reachable. Want to remind the
>   importance of IP protection to contribute comfortably [scribe
>   assist by Kelly Cooper]
> Moses Ma:  COVID Defender. Predictive Analytics and AI - What is
>   your time to market for your deliverables? It's a fast moving
>   situation. Good to know if work products are papers or running
>   code and when it will ship? [scribe assist by Kelly Cooper]
> Orie Steele:
>   https://github.com/w3c-ccg/vc-examples/tree/master/docs/covid-19
> Taylor Kendall: +1 Kim -- This has come up internally of late and
>   I agree that it's critical to address sooner than later.
> Orie Steele: https://github.com/decentralized-identity/c19-vc.com
> Kelly Cooper: Participating through Tools workstream Links to
>   share with the community about work happening within CCG and DIF.
>   Demo for using interoperable (call cutting out)... comfortable
>   with credential format. No submarine IP related issues. Example
>   of exact credential format with working, usable materials, for
>   operators to follow = loss in interop. Please contribute to VC
>   examples. CCG Contributor Agreement.
> Kelly Cooper: Johnathan Holt - naive to IP protection. Don't hear
>   in CCI - (background noise)
> Michael Herman:  Use software available now. StreetCred offered
>   free to tech to work on this problem. Can issue credentials from
>   the portal - biggest problem is connecting - ability to write
>   Sovrin Ledger - health department or whoever holding test
>   results. Challenge - how to validate that code on the street.
>   Options - QRCode - portable. Smart Cards. [scribe assist by Kelly
>   Cooper]
> Moses Ma: The issue is integrating with many DOH's, and whether
>   this technology is globally deployable and scalable within a very
>   difficult time frame.
> Kelly Cooper: When want to make the ability to share safety with
>   others - smart code in wallet may be most convenient way. Most
>   have smart phone. Side effect of virus may be another device at
>   all times that transmits the information - smart card of
>   immunity. Timing urgent. May not be perfect.
> Kelly Cooper: Need to be aware of the details mentioned in
>   meeting - important contribution to initiative.
> Joe Andrieu:  Mentioned assuming all have smart phone. Encourage
>   think of billions who don't have cell phones. A lot of work
>   around Stewards and Guardians - someone near with phone? Open
>   possibilities to everyone on the planet. [scribe assist by Kelly
>   Cooper]
> Kelly Cooper: Trying to get to people tested
> Eric Welton: Also - please respect the situation of verification
>   when the network is problematic - so please *NO* reliance on some
>   global ledger in some far away country.
> Orie Steele: ^ Beware that a lot of the assumption around wallet
>   / credential formats only work on certain ledgers.
> Moses Ma: How do we contact all of the CovidCred people on the
>   call?
> Christopher Allen: Next week meeting?
> https://www.covidcreds.com/
> Lucy@northernblock.ca
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FRYA-IpHNez7dY2ksDhafztF4u9XHDBWNHZ7P881y5I/edit?ts=5e854319#
> Moses Ma: Bye!
> Error: (IRC nickname 'tayken>   +1 joe ' not
>   recognized)[2020-04-21T17:11:01.332Z] <tayken>        +1 Joe > access is
>   also critical given homeless populations affected. Thanks for the
>   time :)
> Kelly Cooper is scribing.


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