Re: follow-up on ZKP preso


Thank you for this presentation - it is a well-articulated and easily digestible primer on ZKPs.

From: Daniel Hardman <>
Sent: March 27, 2020 8:15 PM
To: Credentials Community Group <>
Subject: follow-up on ZKP preso

Back in ancient history (3 weeks ago, before COVID-19 turned all other topics into minor details...), I gave a presentation to the CCG about ZKPs. I didn't finish all my slides -- and in particular, I didn't get to talk about link secrets or about places that I don't think ZKPs are appropriate. I thought I'd record the full presentation as a video, so the topic can have closure for the curious, without occupying more time on a CCG call. Here you go:

section 1 (definition of ZKPs - repeat from previous preso)
section 2 (ZKPs vs. ZKP-oriented creds - repeat from previous preso) -- 21:20
section 3 (goals of ZKP-oriented creds - mostly a repeat from previous preso) -- 25:07
section 4 (relationship to link secrets) -- 51:50
section 5 (where ZKPs don't make sense) -- 1:26:20

(I may move this video to a different youtube acct. If so, I'll reply to this thread with an updated link.)

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