Re: DIDs available by satellite. A curiosity, an exploration.

Hi Brent!

My company, Venn.Agency is a permanent contractor of Seaspan ULC and the
Vancouver Shipyards. We are currently rolling out our *verifiable* safety
training focused on emergency response and fire safety. The risk of fire to
a vessel or ship build is the number one thing keeping Lloyd's Actuaries up
at night. We're working to establish a new risk category in which everyone
who enters a vessel or works in the shipyard has gone through our active
simulation training and learned important safety information. We're
maintaining an occupancy percentage over a set threshold which issues a
"Certificate of Recognition" COR
[equivalent] Credential to BC Gov's Orgbook.
<> Kim Hamilton Duffy has designed our
system's architecture and can offer more insight if you have
specific questions.

The thing I myself most worry about is how freakin' easy it is to hack a
big ship... or a tank for that matter 😳
I co-authored a paper with Wolfe McNally and Michael Lodder (on cc) at Rwot
Toronto outlining Critical Use Cases for Offline Credentials.

On Satcoms, there are very narrow bandwidths for encryption and
unfortunately, on top of that, a lot of passwords are password. Pentest
a lot of good work exposing vulnerabilities and associated risk in ships
and satcoms more broadly.

It is my personal belief, that focusing technical solutions and early
adoption towards critical infrastructure (government, workforce data
providence and privacy, heavy industry/high-risk safety and environmental
compliance, etc) is the best way to make lasting change. I welcome you,
(and anyone else on this thread) to comment- offer some insights,
corrections, or alternate points of view on our soon to be published Rwot
Barcelona paper: Driving Adoption with a Focus on Safety, Security &

I'm keen to know who else is working in or near these use cases? Currently,
historically, hypothetically or all of the above!

Also, the link to your video is dead. Can you recover it for me?

*Sam Mathews Chase*
*Founder, Venn.Agency*
*Move Slow and Fix Things.*
* <>*

On Fri, Nov 29, 2019 at 1:10 PM Brent Shambaugh <>

> To whom it may concern:
> I have been wondering: Would it be useful to work on a solution that makes
> DIDs resolvable anywhere on the surface of the earth with Satellites?
> It does not seem broadband is needed, and when studying DIDs it seems like
> only a small part of the time does one need to verify a DID for a
> particular identity [1].
> [1] "Peer DIDs: a secure and scalable method for DIDs that's entirely off
> ledger"
> Thanks for your time,
> Brent Shambaugh

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