Re: Proposed work item: WebKMS

On 11/24/19 6:59 PM, Adrian Gropper wrote:
> I'm not sure how the various payment processing standards deal with 
> this problem.

I want to highlight that identity and payments are two of the hardest
problem spaces in standards... this discussion sounds like it's headed
down a path where we pull in payments, or start talking about payments.

Digital Bazaar was the founding organization for the Web Payments
Community Group and later I was the person that sat in the room with W3C
Management and figured out how we could bring payments to W3C... and
given the "difficulties" that have plagued the Web Payments work from
the beginning at W3C... I cannot underscore how important it is that we
don't cross these two work streams.

You guys are playing with fire, and I'd just like to point out how badly
this could all go if we start pulling payments in as an area of focus or

-- manu

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